I offer branding solutions for the modern entrepreneur, wanting design and strategy that positions them for legacy

For over a decade, I worked in the worlds of beauty and media communications, as a professional makeup artist and blogger.

By working as a makeup artist in fashion and entertainment in the bustling cities of New Orleans and New York City, I was able to be a part of some amazing campaigns and marketing projects. I’ve worked with brands like Gap, Neiman Marcus, Maybelline, Seventeen Magazine, Anne Klein, WWD, Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Essence Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Fader Magazine, Amika, and Warby Parker, to name just a few.

Soon after, I taught myself photography and design, as well, leading to me creative directing over 100 photoshoots. I casted models for marketing campaigns from some of the top modeling agencies in the world, including IMG Models, Ford, and Wilhemina.

In search of a slower pace, I retired from the beauty industry in 2017. Soon after, I took everything I learned about marketing, brand development, and digital design, and used it as the foundation to launch Lex Creative Studios. Now I position ambitious women entrepreneurs as thought leaders in their space through websites with personality. It's a JOY to serve women in this way and I'm forever grateful for my journey!

The design industry's MVC (most versatile creative!)

I'm Alexis Campbell,


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YOU are the reason I even have a business!
I serve multi-passionate, ambitious, and super talented women entrepreneurs, just like YOU. I build out your website and direct your photography shoots so that your brand TRULY reflects YOU and all your secret sauce.

You may be like my client Barbara, below.
In that you likely have AMPLE experience in the corporate world, but decided it was time to start your OWN company. You transitioned well, but took your corporate 'aesthetics' with you, leaving you with a stiff, and 'cold' feeling brand, that looks professional, but nothing like the REAL you! Unfortunately, in this digital economy, being "professional" isn't good enough! You have to have an authentic brand that connects with your audience DEEPLY and encourages trust, QUICKLY.

You're in luck, because authentic transformations are my speciality. I thrive at creating space for personality to exist ALONGSIDE professionalism. You don't have to choose one over the other - CAN have both!

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