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Personal Development & Business Coach for women entrepreneurs

Barbara M. Littles

Brand Strategy
Remote Photo Shoot Creative Direction
Logo Redesign
Website Redesign 
Collateral & Social Media Design

Barbara is an international author, speaker, coach, trainer, and business attorney who  has structured businesses for over 30 years. Her passion to coach and mentor women entrepreneurs and organizational leaders into their highest purpose can be heard and seen in her engagement with people.

She has had the privilege of working in the highest ranks of corporate America, in addition to building her own law firm and now her own personal growth and development company, Purpose By Design. 

Brand Guiding Words

Inviting | Respected | Relaxed Luxury   

Business Coach, Author, Speaker

 I felt like I didn't have a brand prior to working with Lex Creative.

  I felt like I didn't have a brand prior to working with LexCreative. I was doing business but knew that proper branding could take my business to another level and the level of person I wanted to work with required a brand that could compete in that space.

Since working with Lex Creative my Brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in. It is clear of what my business is, who I am and whom I serve. With that clarity reflected I'm attracting my ideal client. As I write this, I just received a call from a client indicating that they love my new branding.

barbara m. littles

Photography by: Bruce Turner Studios, Detroit, Michigan

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