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July 9, 2019

How to Have A Successful Photoshoot

Do you ever wish your dream clients could get a glimpse into exactly what it’s like to work with you? Or maybe you dream of somehow bringing the voice and personality of your brand to life? Well, those goals and so much more are completely achievable through a custom brand photoshoot! If you’re a creative entrepreneur, these are valid dreams so don’t lose hope. Working with a pro photographer who understands marketing and brand awareness will get you well on your way to brand photos you can be proud of. But first, you gotta do the prep work!

Brand Photography Is Always A Good Idea

I may be a little biased, after all, I AM a brand photographer, but I put investing in a custom brand photoshoot at the top of your business priority list. It’s ALWAYS a good idea! When you have photographs that strategically showcase your services or products, your personality as a creative, and your overall brand style, you have POWERFUL tools for your business. It’s been reported that people respond to images far more than words, so putting quality images in front of your target tribe, is a no-brainer!

Before I was a brand photographer, I had a 10-year career as a makeup artist. It was during that time that my taste level for design and more specifically–my ‘brand photo-eye developed. I learned that if I wanted to book more clients for makeup, people needed to see me DOING makeup! People needed to see ME too! I needed to show them me on set, with my tools, and in my regular life. I learned that I LOVED this type of photography and started doing it for my artist friends as well. Once I finally switched over to photography and design full time, I knew how to capture the photographs that other creatives NEED to better market their work and get the attention of their ideal customers.

Cure Overwhelm By Focusing On Your Goals

Okay so by now, I should probably tell you there is an amazing freebie that goes with this post. Below I’m going to give you 10 easy steps to prepare for your brand photoshoot. However, the downloadable (and printable) freebie will be far more useful. It’ll take those 10 tips, and go into detail a little bit more! Plus it’s a checklist, so as you complete the steps, you can simply check them off. This guarantees you will have done all you could do to make sure your investment pays off! But before we get into those tips, let me offer you some encouragement.

If you’re one of those people who are petrified of being in front of the camera, I get it. I know it’s scary and you don’t want to face those fears about putting yourself out there. After all, you’re just trying to run a business, not become a model, am I right? Well, the truth is, in 2019, running a business IS about putting yourself out there, not just doing the work. Check out this article, that shows just how important it is for not just your work, but your face to be seen as well!


Marketing in 2020 And Beyond Involves a Little Bit More of …You


brand photoshoot download lex creative


In 2019 consumers buy from brands they trust. With the power of social media changing the game in every walk of life, people feel a little entitled to know a tad bit more about others. If you own a coffee shop, they don’t just want to see your coffee bag pictures. They want to see you on a plane flying to Columbia to test out the best beans. Your audience is interested in behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your crew making your infamous specialty lattes! Heck, they want to see what kind of coffee YOU drink in your own kitchen before you head to the cafe! Do you get what I’m saying here?

If you want your business to not just survive, but thrive in this day and age of digital marketing, you’ve got to share some of YOU. It creates trust within your audience and humanizes your brand effortlessly!


And you can always only share what you’re comfortable with! No one is saying to get all Kim K and go reality TV-style, showing your every move, lol. But JUST enough to help people feel like you’re familiar, but not so much that YOU’RE uncomfortable. When I work with brand photography clients, part of my package is strategy. I strategically come up with just how much we’ll share, what type of shots will show your brand’s vibe the BEST, and a powerful shot list to make sure we nail it from every angle. See more about working with me here.

If you’re still on edge, here’s some tried and true do’s and don’ts for your shoot to ease your mind!

DON’T’s For Your Brand Photoshoot:
  1. Don’t freak out about the shoot!
  2. Don’t get bogged down with the details! Hire a professional photographer you trust to get the job done and whose style you love.
  3. It’s not the time to get all crazy pants about your looks. It’s not about you COMPLETELY, this shoot is about your brand, your craft, and how what you do serves OTHERS!
DO’s For Your Brand Photoshoot:
  1. Remember your goals and your ideal clients that you can’t wait to begin working with!
  2. Let those big awesome goals motivate you to go in there and KILL IT!
  3. Own the day! Your brand photoshoot has the potential to totally revolutionize the way you’re viewed in your industry. OWN it by showing up how you want to be seen. That’s confident and capable beyond measure!


The 10 Steps That Will Make Your Brand Photo Shoot Amazing

If you want to have a bomb brand photoshoot that attracts your tribe, gets your brand SEEN you want to download this freebie! Print it out and follow the steps to book and totally ROCK your photo session like the boss that you are! Here are the 10 tips that will help you perfectly plan your brand photoshoot.

1. Decide on 2 ideal dates.

You want to have 2 dates ready because most photographers book up in advance! By having 2 dates ready to offer, you show that you’re ready to work and have done your own homework to make this shoot happen!

2. Look around on Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines for inspiration.

Gather inspiration from the Instagram feeds of those you admire, brands that influence your own brand, and artists you love. Go old school (my favorite way, lol!) and buy magazines, rip out the images that just ‘speak’ to you! Or peruse Pinterest for colors, textures, patterns, graphics, anything that looks like what you want to do in your brand shoot. But don’t fall down the rabbit hole of TOO much inspiration. Stay true to your individual goals and brand personality.

3. Contact your preferred photographer for availability and rates.

Now that you’ve got your 2 dates and folder full of inspiration, shoot your shot! Go ahead and email or phone the photographer whose work and creativity you love! Make sure they’d be a good fit for your brand’s style and that they possess the professionalism you’re looking for.

4. Express to him or her your goals for the shoot and some brief history of your business.

Lay it on them just what you have in mind! Don’t be afraid of sounding weird, tell them exactly why you want this brand photoshoot, what you want it to do for your business, and any other creative ideas you have. Share with them some background info on your brand as well so they have a full picture of what your work is about and who you serve!

5. Think through the photos you know you’ll need and write them down as must-haves. Then you can allow the photographer to add additional creative scenes and fun shots!

If you are a coffee shop owner (is it painfully obvious how much I love coffee?) and you know for a fact you want some great shots of your cafe, write that down! If you’re an interior designer and you know it would help you book clients if they saw you engaging with others in a mock meeting, write that down. Go ahead and decide what shots NEED to happen first, so that they don’t get swept under the rug. No one knows your business as well as you do–therefore only you know what kinds of scenes will show it in its best light. Write them down! Then stay open to whatever extras scenes the photographer tosses your way.

6. Choose a location(s)  that accurately reflect your brand’s personality and style.

This step is going to totally depend on what you do! If your business has an official home base, start there for your first location. Involve your staff and team members to make it REAL and inviting for your audience! If you’re an artist, get in a location that is representative of where you ‘do’ your art! Get creative, the sky is truly the limit for your brand shoot! This truth is where brand shoots and headshots differ the MOST.  A brand photoshoot is always looking to tell a STORY that makes others want more; a headshot is simply looking to document a PERSON in a single moment in time.

7. Think of a wardrobe and makeup that’s simple and timeless.

When you work with your photographer to plan your brand photoshoot, you’ll want to choose looks that can’t get dated too quickly. For example, if cheetah print returns (or has it? I’m clearly dusty on fashion, lol!) and has a huge moment, STILL don’t plan to wear cheetah print in your shoot! Because next year it could look absolutely crazy and everyone will be able to tell what era you took that photo! My goal is always for my clients to be able to use their brand photos for a few years, should they choose. You typically want to hold a new brand photoshoot every quarter, but what if something happens and you can’t do that? Well with classic hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you should be able to use older photos for however long you need to.

8. If you sell products–you ABSOLUTELY want them photographed! Make preparations to have your products and props, photo-ready come shoot day.

This is a given, but I had to throw it in there anyway! If you create and sell any type of product, be sure to discuss with your photographer ways to have them creatively captured at your brand session. They’re a huge part of your brand and you 100% need them shot by a professional to increase your sales. If you own a restaurant, why not cook up your top dishes and have them beautifully photographed? You could use them for your website, of course, your Google business page–for those looking you up from afar, and definitely your social media.

9. Be clear on your target audience and brand identity.

If you find yourself trying to speak to everyone when you make marketing materials, in reality–you’re talking to no one! Get specific about who your DREAM clients/customers are. I mean the kinds of clients who you’d want to have every single day if you could. This is important because you want your visuals to naturally attract these people. Make content for THEM and they will come! Keep them in mind when planning your scenes, locations, and shots! If you’re not clear on your brand identity or don’t have proper branding in place, I can help!

10. Stay open-minded!

My favorite tip is to keep an open mind. You’re partnering up with a. photography pro, and one you’ve hand-selected as your top pick. Trust them! You never know if one of those ‘out there’ ideas that propel you far from your comfort zone could end up being a huge hit with your audience. Try new things, trust the advice of the pros, and by all means have fun!

The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Plan It!

It’s incredibly easy to sit and wonder about whether or not your brand will get noticed one day. You post to Instagram some iPhone pics, make a few Facebook updates with stock photos you found online, and hope for the best. Maybe your dream client will come across your page one day? Well, sure, maybe. But what if I told you a brand photoshoot custom-designed to attract them will put an end to all that hoping! They WILL find you with a brand shoot because you will have photos that light them up with curiosity about your brand! They’ll want to know more and feel drawn to your style–because after all, you shot with THEM in mind! The absolute BEST way to predict the future is the plan, and then CREATE it!

Grab My 10 Step Checklist to Make Planning A Breeze

I know you’re probably thinking about the investment of time and money that comes with a brand shoot. But trust me, your photo session will pay for itself, ten times over! If you’re serious about growing your brand, maximizing your business efforts, and landing the kind of work you dream of–plan your brand photoshoot now! With it being, indeed an investment, you don’t want to enter it lightly.

Trust me, you want to do this thing RIGHT!

Don’t waste your time or money by not knowing what to do next–get the checklist to plan the shoot you’ve always wanted. Use the photos to attract your ideal clients! And finally allow your gorgeous new images to fill you with the confidence you’ll need to successfully market your business.

You’ve GOT this! Now get to planning!


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