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June 14, 2021

Rebranding Your Business: 5 Signs to Do It Now

According to Hubspot, 86% of consumers reported preferring an “authentic and honest” brand while engaging on social networks. And can you blame them?

Gone are the days where business owners can hide behind their logo and stylized flatlays.

Consumers want MORE authenticity, more personality, and more relatability before they part with their hard-earned coins. Rebranding your business so that it feels real, organic, and relatable may be exactly what you need to give the people what they want!

If you’ve been running your business for some time and you, admittedly, feel like things are a little, “off”, NOW is the time to get back on track!

Nothing realigns a business to be its most authentic self, quite like a GOOD rebrand. But when is the right time to take the plunge? Will it prove itself to be a smart investment after all? And how do you even begin to start the rebranding process? This post will tackle these questions and hopefully, many more that you may have surrounding whether or not it’s time to rebrand your business.

Let’s hop straight in!


Rebranding Your Business Is Like Hiring Help: You’re Often Early or Too Late

A rebrand in the simplest term possible is a brand pivot. It’s a “smart turn” from the visuals and non-visuals that once represented what your brand was all about, to where it should be. I call it a “smart turn” because it involves strategy. Strategy keeps the rebrand from being ALL about the pretty! This means your rebrand shouldn’t just focus on swapping logo fonts or changing out the colors on your website.

When you do a PROPER rebrand, you tackle the non-visuals, first. Non-visuals are things like your brand values, brand tone, brand messaging, ideal client, etc. Don’t leave these things to chance, just because you can’t see them! They are the foundation of a brand’s very DNA. The non-visuals allow you to properly determine how the stuff you CAN see should look! Finally, after you invest time in the non-visual work, aka, the brand strategy, you get to jump into the pretty visual stuff, like that new logo and those fun new colors.



When it comes to rebranding the secret is knowing when to do it.

I like to compare it to the example of knowing when to hire help for your business. In my decade-long stint of entrepreneurship, and from talking to my peers, I’ve learned that most people hire either too early or too late!

We can say the same about rebranding.


Rebranding Your Business Too Early

When you invest in rebranding too early, it’s usually because you’re looking for the visuals to get your business the results that only a strong foundation can give. For example, let’s say you’ve been in business for 3 years and your company isn’t making sales consistently. You start throwing every solution you can think of at the problem, ramping up the Instagram content, attending all the conferences, and doing all the cold emails. So finally, you decide to hire a graphic designer to “touch up the logo”, or a website designer to “refresh the site”, surely these efforts will pump up the sales, right? Not exactly.

In the midst of throwing spaghetti at the wall, you’ve likely neglected to address something within your brand’s FOUNDATION that could be the culprit behind your lack of progression. When your business is in its early years (5 and under), strengthening its foundation will usually yield the growth you’ve been after.  What is the “foundation” of a business? It’s all the things a strong BRAND STRATEGY provides–clear brand values, accurate ideal client profile, strong copy and messaging, and authentic brand voice.

Investing in a rebrand TOO early leaves you feeling like it “didn’t work” and that your investment was a fail. However, in reality, investing in your brand’s foundation held the most return on your investment!


Rebranding Your Business Too Late

Most business owners fall within the category of rebranding too late. This is because they’re usually of the mindset, “If it ain’t broke…”…well, you know the rest!

I can’t exactly fault them for this line of thinking, to be honest. If you are booking clients, selling products, and making good connections, you’re not thinking that anything is wrong. In this example, the business owner’s brand strategy WAS authentic and effective, but that was YEARS ago. What happened? Well…just like life, change is what happened!  One day, the business owner realizes that the brand has actually evolved. They conclude that this is why the brand doesn’t attract the right clients anymore! They left their brand stuck in the past. And if I know one thing about evolutions, it’s that they don’t happen overnight.

This brand had probably been evolving for the last 3 years. Maybe there was a shift in leadership, a change in products, or a more defined target audience. Whatever the case may be, the evolution arrived, and when the owner realized it, there was no denying it!

Rebranding your business the right way can be scary, confusing, or even emotional! But if you’ve read both scenarios and are wondering, “Well, how do can I know when the RIGHT time is to rebrand my business?”. Hopefully, by the end of this post, I’ll have provided all the clarity you need on the subject!



Keep reading to learn the most credible reasons you should invest in a proper rebrand.


The Proven 5 Reasons You Need to Rebrand Your Business


Signs rebranding will help your business



If any one of these 5 signs rings a bell for you, prioritize investing in a rebrand soon!


1.  You’re an expert, but not getting expert opportunities.

What are some undeniable truths that can give someone the confidence to declare themselves, ‘an expert’?

The following, in my opinion, would qualify anyone to be able to say they’re truly an expert:

  • You’ve been operating within your industry for a large number of years
  • You know the ins and outs of your trade
  • Your company regularly receives positive reviews from clients and customers

If you can answer yes to these, we can safely conclude that you, my friend, are likely an expert in your field!

Truthfully, there are MANY experts, killing it in their industry every day, that aren’t reaping the benefits of an expert. This easily happens to some of the BEST brands in an industry. Usually, it goes like this. Business is going really doing well! Your day-to-day tasks and general desire to grow keeps you from doing much else. Soon, you fail to invest in how the business looks! Five years pass by, and they have the same logo that represents a service they don’t even offer anymore! Visuals translate to value. And unfortunately, we live in a VERY visual society.

The Pretty Stuff Matter More Than We Like to Admit

I’m a BIG fan of strong brand strategy, but I’m also in favor of keeping up “the pretty”.

Sometimes the “shiny” businesses with the popping logos and trendy websites, receive expert-level recognition, without having put the years of work in! This is because they showed up looking the part. I work with so many talented business owners that HAVE put the years in and have the receipts to prove that they know their stuff. BUT because the work is steady and the business isn’t necessarily hurting, they’ve neglected to keep up appearances. They no longer look the part!

Keep in mind, looking the part, has nothing to do with seeking fame for your business. Nonetheless, I’m sure you still want recognition for your years of hard work! When others overlook your brand, their next step, is PASSING OVER your business for opportunities. As a leader, you want opportunities like speaking on stages, participating in collaborations, or booking sponsored deals, right? These kinds of things are those “expert-level benefits”, that entrepreneurs only experience if they have secured their expert status into the minds of the public.

Remember, good branding ensures that your expert-level status is undeniable!

If you aren’t getting the recognition you feel you deserve or receiving the benefits of an expert, consider whether or not your brand REALLY looks the part.

2. Your company’s evolution is causing some serious misalignment.

Remember the scenario we explored above, the brand that evolved? This point ties directly in with that story. The biggest giveaway that your brand has evolved is that it feels, “off”. Some of my rebrand clients say this ALL the time. They don’t have the exact words for how they feel, they just know something about the brand is “off”. That “off” description is a misalignment.

Misalignment happens for a number of reasons! Here are some:

  • You outgrew the brand. When companies evolve they naturally start to look, feel, and sound differently.  Well, if you don’t translate this more seasoned and mature version of your brand through your visuals, you feel trapped and boxed in! Then you start to confuse your audience and lose the flair that made them love you initially.
  • Leadership changed. Sometimes a shift in leadership also shifts the company culture. Note, that positive shifts within your business, resulting from new leadership, aren’t a bad thing. The trick is ensuring that the brand visuals and the new brand culture speak the same language!
  • You changed your services or products. Changing your offers throws off your brand alignment big-time if you don’t update your messaging as well! When you change your offers, your messaging needs to change too, or something will feel “off”.

3. You feel disconnected from your business.

A brand is a lot like a relationship, it needs regular maintenance and nurturing. If you don’t nurture your brand, just like relationships, you can start to feel out of touch with it. It won’t look like you, feel like you, or represent you well in the public eye. Rebranding your business organically allows you to feel connected to it again! Feeling disconnected from your company dwindles your motivation to SHOW UP in it. This is why oftentimes results come so quickly after you rebrand because it inspires you to start showing up again!

4. There has been a major business model or target audience shift.

A common shift that happens when you’ve been in business for some time, is you decide to go after a different audience. That new audience could be one that can pay for your raised rates, one that’s older in age, or one that’s in a new geographical area–many reasons can apply! However, changing your target audience DOES require you to sort of ‘re-introduce yourself’. This is where a rebrand shines!

Reintroducing yourself via a rebrand naturally sparks the power of “attract and repel marketing”! You will attract the new audience you desire, and seamlessly repel the audience you’ve outgrown. This is a pretty big deal because you can’t do this by just D-I-Y-ing a brand refresh. You need to hire a professional to help you lay down a more streamlined foundation for your brand. One that will speak directly to your new dream audience.

5. You’re struggling to increase your prices, even though you have ample experience.

One of the telltale signs that rebranding your business is your next best step, is that you can’t raise your prices! You are a bonafide expert at what you do and your clients love your work, and you have a strong network of supporters. So why won’t people pay more for your services? Perhaps you can’t get potential clients to pay more because they don’t see the value in your brand as a whole.

As we mentioned earlier, the pretty stuff matters more than we like to admit! And if your brand is unkept, inauthentic, or unpolished, consumers won’t see you as a brand that deserves to command high ticket prices. One of the reasons “pretty” and well-maintained brands can charge so much is because they invest in how their brand looks. When consumers notice YOU investing in your brand, they’ll be more trusting to do so as well!


When You Should NOT Rebrand Your Business





Your brand is boring you.

You’re feeling bored with how your logo looks, and tired of looking at that shade of blue. You think, “I should rebrand to spice things up a bit!” Actually, no shouldn’t. A rebrand requires a lot of participation from you and isn’t something you can just ‘dump on the designer’. So consider whether or not you have the bandwidth to begin this type of project. Boredom is NOT a sign to tear down your brand and build it up into something you like at the moment.

If you feel bored with your brand’s color, logos, or font system, try using them in a different way, instead of ditching them completely! Also, think about your target audience. Look at their interaction with your brand to determine if you should rebrand.  If your customers still love it, keep it going! Studies show that consumers like brands that they know what to expect from. Switching up the brand they’ve grown to trust, without taking them along for the journey, may not sit well.

You’re in a season of deep comparison.

We all go through seasons of deep comparison. You know the drill. You’re scrolling on Instagram, looking at everyone else in your industry, and taking your eyes off your own paper! I can speak from personal experience, that distraction almost always leads to comparison! Scrolling online, checking out your competition’s websites, and stalking their brand designer, causes you to think your brand isn’t good enough! Comparison is NEVER a good reason to rebrand. It leaves you one step behind and never being able to hop off the hamster wheel!

You can’t afford it.

The elephant in the room is that rebranding is expensive. Yes, I actually said it, lol. BUT, I stand by the large price tag. Rebranding involves SO much more than you may realize. Brand and website strategy, creative direction, brand photography production, new copy direction, website design, website development, social media styling, and marketing consulting, are just a FEW of the things that happen in a good rebrand. Not to mention hours of research and brand application through new graphics and visual design. Rebranding is a big-time investment because it combines not just deliverables but the YEAR of experience the designer draws from!

Depending on your unique brand and website needs, a quality rebrand could range as low as $8k to as much as $1 million dollars! Always keep in mind that “expensive” is relative, what’s expensive to you, is not to another business owner, and vice versa. Investing in a good rebrand sets you up to make your investment back multiple times over. However, if you can’t afford to do it right, wait to rebrand!


The One Improvement Rebranding Helps Your Business Make


You can experience a TON of benefits when you rebrand your business. Here are just a few:

  • You attract business opportunities
  • You gain confidence to promote your business amongst your top competitors
  • Your brand is more competitive and better aligned for your most ideal audience

Nevertheless, the one result that’s worthy of a special shoutout is the authenticity that emerges, after you rebrand. This single thing increases trust for your business, like no other. Consumers want desperately to trust the businesses that they invest in. Showing up as your authentic self, allows potential clients to let their guards down and hear what you have to say!


Is It Time to Ditch the Do-It-Yourself Approach? Take the Quiz to Find Out!


I believe that there is a time to do everything. I don’t subscribe to the ideology that all businesses need to do the same things in order to be successful. Absolutely, not! When it comes to running a business, there’s a time and place for everything. There’s a time to DIY everything because your business is new and funds are low. There is a time to simply refresh your brand because it’s profitable and you want to save for an epic rebrand! Finally, there’s a time to plan for the future of your business and invest the time and money into an authentic rebrand.

The truth is, if you’re even thinking about it, you probably need to do it! And if you want my studio to help with rebranding your business, I’d love to partner with you on it. Simply fill out this short form and I’ll get in touch right away!


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