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February 7, 2019

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Branding

A lot of business owners are afraid to invest in branding their business! So many of them won’t hire a designer to FULLY develop their brand.

However, when it comes to the ones that DO invest–it’s always obvious. Great branding is done on purpose, it’s not just a template fill in here and there, it’s strategic. When something is done right and well, it organically sticks out from the crowd!

What Exactly Is Branding

Branding is a word I’m more than sure you’ve heard tossed around lately. It’s often found lingering in the captions of highly curated Instagram pages (like mine, let’s just be real! lol), popular business guru Facebook pages, and any Gary Vaynerchuk video you will ever come across! Branding is a pretty big deal. In the 21st century, if you’re even THINKING about owning a business, you have to consider how it will be branded. So let’s get to the bottom of this vaguely used word, shall we?

The Logo Is Just the Beginning

When inquiries come my way about brand development, a potential client will typically say something along the lines of the following. “Yea, I really need some help with branding! Nothing crazy, just a logo, that’s it…Branding IS just a logo right?”. That’s when I’ll explain to them that branding is FAR more than a logo and in fact, it’s just the beginning of real brand development.

The truth is I don’t even offer logo design as a single service when it comes to branding. I only do full-on brand development. This is because the true essence of branding involves SEVERAL factors that when disconnected from each other, leave the brand looking even more out of place than before. Let me explain.

The Components of A Great Brand Development


There are a few main players to address when creating a brand identity for your business. If we were to compare branding to say, baking a delicious and beautiful cake, it’d go something like this.


Brand Colors (egg)

Intricate usage of colors in your branding is far more important than you realize. Just like an egg, the right colors bind together the ingredients of your brand into a smooth and lovely texture!

Brand Fonts (butter)

Just like butter, the perfect font choices for your brand can add flavor and body to your brand. Without it you know something’s missing, and when you figure it out, it makes ALL the difference!

Brand Strategy (flour)

The heart and soul of your brand is the mood you want to convey. This is how you want the world to see your brand and ultimately influence how you want THEM to feel because of your work. No delicious cake begins without the major player that is the flour! The mood and inspiration of your branding is the foundation of its greatness, just like flour is for a cake!

Mood & Visual aesthetic (sugar)

We’re not eating cake if there’s no sugar involved, amirite? Sugar and cake are pretty much synonymous! Picking the patterns and elements that will organically shape your brand cannot be neglected! Would you seriously try to bake a cake and forget the sugar? Don’t try it with branding either my friend.

Iconography (baking powder)

Now, I’m not much of a baker, but I DO know the quantity of baking powder used is the smallest on the ingredient list. It’s essentially a generous ‘sprinkle’. Did you know that without a sprinkle of strategically selected icons your branding can look tacky and become inconsistent? It’s the small things that make a big impact in bringing it all together!

Logo (icing)

Yes, the logo is merely the icing on the cake. It’s not a cake without it, but it by no means COMPLETES the cake.




How it All Ties Together



When done right, just like baking your favorite cake, all of these components will come together to form something special. Good branding is strong, undeniable, consistent, and instantly recognizable. It’s that simple! No magic tricks or special ‘business lingo’, just some very basic artistic ingredients to build a world of endless design possibilities.

Branding is EXTREMELY important if you’re serious about your business and want it to reach its fullest potential. It’s not about having pretty little visuals to play around with on Instagram. Nor is branding about plastering a newly designed logo everywhere without intention or tact.



Proper branding will infuse your work into the culture you’re hoping to impact. Great branding will give you the platform to work more diligently and with purpose. Those are just two ways awesome branding could change the life of your business. I’ve got ten more ways coming right up if you can handle it!


10 Valuable Benefits of Great Branding For Your Business


Increases Brand Recognition

I wrote in a blog a while back how great branding can create your ‘tribe’. It’s a fact that when people see the same visuals over and over again, they instantly associate them with that business–even if the name of the business is never stated. When you see an apple with a bite out of it, you know it’s an Apple product. How about when you see those huge yellow arches? You never have to see the word ‘McDonalds’, but you KNOW it’s Mickey D’s being referenced. That’s what good branding will do for your business. It will create brand recognition that’s so strong, it goes out ‘before you’. Sticking to a brand formula given to you by a designer will help you stay CONSISTENT and not use any visuals that are not apart of the plan!

Creates Brand Community

I’m not one to ‘stan’ for entertainers, but let’s go there for the best example I can think of here. Have you seen those high strung, overly enthusiastic, and EXTREMELY dedicated fans of musical artists that refer to themselves as I don’t know, let’s say, a ‘hive’, or a ‘navy’? Well if you have, what you’re witnessing is the brand community formed at the highest possible level. These people are bound together by their love and affinity for a brand. Most likely had the individual members not been linked together by their love of the ‘brand’ that is the musical artist, they would not even talk to each other!

I’m not promising that great branding will give you Beyonce or Rihanna level brand community. However, what I AM saying is that it will automatically with very little effort-form your own band of supporters. They will become your brand’s loyal community because they like what you’re doing and see the value in it. They will support you to no end and often will become your biggest referrers!

Increases Profitability



This is done by making you:

  • Look more professional. People spend with who they discern as having a high enough level of professionalism to get their hard-earned money.
  • Worthy of raised prices. When you’ve been consistent with your branding visuals, your audience has grown, and the product is good quality–you don’t have to fear to raise your prices.

Again, people will pay for quality and the look of professionalism from who they know, like, and trust. If they sense a disconnect between your visuals and your work, they won’t trust you–you must always seek authenticity in ALL brand visuals!

Gives Much Needed Confidence

Like I spoke about in this post, having good branding in place gives you the confidence needed to run your business like a boss! When you know your visuals are on point and your business’ presentation into the world is grade A, you have the mental capacity to focus on your craft! You’re not insecure and scared to post on social media with good branding, you go out boldly, attracting your ideal client with confidence.

Automatically Upgrades Your Marketing

If you’re in any type of business-whether people hire you for your talents, or you sell a product, you understand the necessity of marketing. In 2018 if you’re not marketing, you’re not in business! With great branding your flyers, Facebook banners, Instagram stories, business cards, etc. will be consistent and distinguishable. If you follow the brand guidelines of your stylist, everything concerning your business visually will get an automatic upgrade, because it’ll be INTENTIONAL design, not just last-minute postings and random templates you found online!

Speaks Directly to Your Target Audience

I referenced a few well-known brands earlier, I’ll go back there. When you properly and PURPOSEFULLY design your business’ branding, it will naturally attract the kind of people you want to be working with.

Beyonce naturally attracts women who want to feel strong, empowered, and powerful.

Apple naturally attracts tech geeks and gadget lovers.

MAC Cosmetics naturally attracts women who are very much into makeup and the culture of cosmetics.

This is all because these brands produce and release the kinds of visuals that speak right to the hearts of these kinds of people. Their intentional branding is what gets you there, while their exceptional work is what keeps you there. Rinse, wash, repeat!

Helps Establish Trust from Your Team

Do you ever see those employees who are die-hard fans for their company? I mean you can really tell they enjoy going into their job and that they have pride in what they do. Those people more often than not, are granted the room to feel this way because they trust their employers. They’ve determined them to be professional and one of the best at what they do. They’ve noticed the brand’s community shouting their employers’ praises as well and feel honored to be apart of the team! Great branding is hidden at the core of all of this. Without proper branding, employees and team members don’t see you as professional as you’d like them to thus creating a bit of mistrust for you and your brand.

Makes Your Creation Process Faster

Content creation doesn’t have to be hard or consume massive amounts of time when done in accordance with your branding! When you take the time to properly brand, you’ll identify what kind of key photographs will always go out to represent your business. That way when it’s time to have a photoshoot or record a video for your brand’s marketing, all you have to do is quickly access the branding guideline. You save time by not veering too far from the blueprint!

Increases Share-ability

People like pretty things. When people see pretty things, they often think of someone close to them who’d probably like to see these pretty things as well. Or maybe it’s a helpful thing, not necessarily pretty, lol. Either way, when something is branded well, it looks good, it looks legit, and that makes it shareable. Share-ability is important because it’s free advertising and gets your brand in front of many new eyes that may have never heard of your business! Want more shares? Brand all your visuals!

Helps You Stand Out Effortlessly

Because a lot of business owners are afraid to invest in their business, many of them won’t hire a designer to fully develop their brand. However, when it comes to the ones that do–it’s always obvious. Great branding is done on purpose, it’s not just a template fill in here and there, it’s strategic When something is done right and well, it organically sticks out from the crowd!

Is Branding Truly Worth the Investment?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You may be saying, “But I have a website already, and this logo from when I first started my speaking/coaching business  is still good, right?” And my answer to that is, maybe. The honest truth is, if while reading this post you’ve been nodding your head, thinking, ‘Yea, I need that for my brand! then you may want to consider a rebrand. I specialize in rebranding women speakers, authors, and coaches, to get them a brand & web design that helps them better located their ideal audience and command higher rates. If you don’t believe it’s worth the investment to have a brand that speaks well of you, not just one that looks like everyone else, check out this article. It’s all about the real benefits of branding, with several statistics supporting the idea that sometimes, you’ll need to do it over (rebrand) if it’s not serving you well!   Don’t Stay Stuck In That Boring Brand, Get A Refresh Today!

Take Action Towards The Brand You Deserve

Okay, you’ve made it my friends! And that says you’re serious about wanting to grow your personal development business through authentic branding and that’s amazing! Remember no matter what stage you’re in concerning your business, branding is vital! If you’re ready to rebrand your business and create the wow factor needed to get you to the next level in your industry, I’d love to connect with you.

My signature service is the Total Brand Makeover, and if you know deep down inside, that your brand could use a revamp, I’d love to chat! Read up on this offer more, here.  Or if you’re ready to hop right in, simply sign up for a free discovery call here, and let’s chat about getting you a brand and website, strategically designed to work FOR you!

This post in action looks like this:
  • Realizing your need for purposeful and strategic branding to fully maximize your business, if you’re harboring any private doubts about your current branding.
  • Committing to the process of working with a pro to develop your brand’s unique identity.
  • Filling out my very short discovery call form to inquire about how I can help you get a brand that converts!

Thanks for hanging out, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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