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A Wellness Brand Curated by Brittany Bates

Bold Peace

In founder Brittany Bates' words, "BP is a wellness brand giving you a little color, a little culture, and all the self-care smoke you can handle."

As a licensed psychologist in the Houston, Texas area, Brittany is no stranger to wellness and mental health advocacy. She came to us wanting to craft a lifestyle brand that was intentional about curating a unique experience for consumers. Her goal was for the Bold Peace brand to serve as a hub of resources and products that could empower its audience to  put their overall  wellness as a top priority. Brittany made it clear she wanted the brand to be BOLD and stand out in the very much muted and 'safely-styled' world of health and wellness. We gladly accepted the challenge!

After some focused brand strategy and fun creative direction, we landed on a logo and brand identity that was laced with color rich personality! Our studio partnered with Houston based photographer, Rose Tello, to capture the essence and spirit of the brand through images.

In the end, we successfully developed a brand that speaks to both Brittany's knowledge base as a mental health professional, AND the personality of a wellness brand that wants to live life "out loud"! As the brand continues to grow, Brittany plans to sell pop culture inspired t-shirts, self-care prompted journals, and much more.

A Wellness Brand, Curated by Brittany Bates



Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Brand Photography Creative Direction
Website Design & Development
Marketing Collateral


There were plenty of question marks about building a brand before working with Lex Creative. I was simultaneously in a business crash course, and all of the things they recommended were things that Alexis was already doing. After hearing wonderful things about Alexis’ work from a friend, I decided to trust her expertise!

My favorite part about the branding is the energy that comes from it. It’s authentic (just like I wanted) and colorful!
Alexis walked me through every step of preparing to put my best foot forward when launching my brand. Because I don’t have a background in business or branding, it was important for me to work with someone knowledgeable in those areas. Alexis delivered in very way imaginable and prepared me to move forward confidently in my business.

brittany bates

The outcome of my brand and website were so much more than I dared to hope for or expect!