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A Luxury Interior Design Firm

Cicada House Interiors

Cicada House Interiors, based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a full service, independent interior design company owned by Amy Williams. Beautiful rooms are Amy’s first consideration, with client service and attention to detail always of the utmost importance. 

When we started our project, Amy was keen on continuing her vibe of luxury that she's known for within her brand, but was open to something more modern. We wound up crafting a beautiful brand identity that will still attract her ideal client, but also displays some character and personality through the gold bug icon and curvy typography.

A Luxury Interior Design Firm



Brand Creative Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Marketing & Content Direction

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I decided to work with Alexis after I saw how diverse her designs were.
 Many of the branding companies I had researched had 1 look that they used for all their clients (that just didn't fit my style).
If you're thinking about working with Alexis, do it! You won't be sorry!


"Everyone who has seen my new logo has made a point to tell me how much they like it - unsolicited."

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