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I understand what you may be going through as a small business owner. The doubt from not knowing if you're doing ANY of this right! The overwhelm from the blogs, videos, and marketing gurus, telling you 5 DIFFERENT things to do to grow your business. At the end of the day, what you need more than another subscriber or  website visitor, is clarity. Because with clarity you  position yourself to focus on the things that will produce an ever flowing stream of success for your brand. 

If right now you're confused about marketing, social media, branding, or web design, realize that you DON'T have to be! If you can't seem to make a connection with your audience because your messaging is off, or you never really seem to move the needle in your business, we can help. Set up a clarity call with me and let's unpack your business to figure out what's working and tackle what's not.

brand audit

The very first step of my clarity session is the brand audit. I go through your brand's current visual state, online marketing presence, and overall visibility. We discuss the backend systems you have in place (or lack of) and note every area where you can improve. I'm an open book for you to 'pick my brain' about all things business and branding.

a focused plan

I get you set up with a plan of action that you can start implementing right away. My goal is not to leave you with another pile of resources for you to be confused about!

No way, we finish our session with a detailed plan, notes to keep you aligned with your new goals, and ongoing support should you need it.



All sessions include a Q & A for your to ask me anything, notes that I send over to you recapping our call, and an action plan that you can implement immediately. 

Should you need ongoing support, I'd love to serve you! We can discuss on the call my procedure for more in depth coaching, a service we refer to as, brand strategy sessions.

email alexis(at)lexcreativestudios.com  for info on LONGER custom brand strategy sessions.

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