What are Design Days?

Design days are days where you book us to concentrate solely on the design needs of your business.
A 6-hour workday, where we knock out what's most important for your business to have, RIGHT NOW. 
It's an intentional workday, where you STILL enjoy the benefit of working 1 on 1 with a professional designer, but don't have to wait 8 weeks to get what you need!

this is perfect for you if

Full on custom design work doesn't make sense for your business right now. This could be due to:


One of our strengths as an agency, is offering premium level design experiences for our clients. However, if you're new in business, premium design work is rarely within your budget! And that's OKAY! 

Our Design Day service is a way for you to partner with us for a HIGH  touch experience, while keeping your overhead LOW.

Whether you've been in business for 9 years or 9 months, being a solopreneur is HARD WORK! You may not be able to hire a team to help with the graphics, website maintenance, or design ideas you want to bring to life.

If this is a struggle for you, booking us for a few Design Days per quarter, may give you the perfect amount of team support your brand needs.

yes, this is exactly what i need


You are a previous Lex Creative client and you want to continue working with us! You now need:


You're brand and website are exactly how you want it for now, but you liked working with us and want us to do smaller projects for you. Maybe knock out some social media templates or design an amazing lead magnet to help grow your email list? We can cater to your specific design needs quickly--since you're already in our system as a previous client!

We've wrapped your Total Brand Makeover, months (or even years!) ago, and you've been maintaining your brand well. But now it's time for a little refresh. You don't need a whole NEW website, but want us to 'spruce up the place' a little bit. We got you!

Our Design Day offer is perfect for this. We can go in and touch up your web page layout, making sure that it's aesthetically primed for more conversions and longer engagement.



What all can I get done in a day?

Glad you asked, here's what we can do

Collateral or Marketing Materials

Simple Website Updates or Customization

Basic Brand Design

• Additional Brand Elements (Like Patterns,        Icons, Logo Marks, Etc.)
• Basic logo refresh or update
• Basic Brand Identity Work (Defining Your            Color Palette, Typography Palette, &                    Patterns)
• Business Card Design
• Email Signature

• Website Updates
• Website Maintenance
• Website Template Customization

• PDFs (like Service Guides or Lead Magnets)
• Social Media Graphics Batch Day
• Batch Day Of Several Design Needs
• Packaging Design
• Advertisements, Stationary, & Banners
• Email Design
• Blog or Pinterest Template Design


Need more clarity on what you specifically need our help with for a day?
Feel free to email us at


Before working with Lex Creative I had a business, but did not feel like I had a BRAND!
The rebranding process with Lex Creative has been very meaningful for our business. It allowed us to refocus on our company vision so that it could be visually represented in a way that was authentic to who we are.


Having someone like Alexis guide you through a brand process, guarantees a good product in the end.

barbara m. littles, purpose by design

I was doing business but knew that proper branding could take my business to another level and the level of person I wanted to work with required a brand that could compete in that space.
Since working with Lex Creative, my brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in.

What others have said...


Here's how Design Days are different from our other services

Our signature service, The Total Brand Makeover, is an 8 week custom design experience. But what if you have design needs that don't need 8 weeks of work? With the Design Day experience, you don't have to wait--we work from a priority list of tasks, that we've already determined to be most important for the 7-hour time block. This way you get your design immediately and can start marketing those design ASAP!


Our Design Day offer is set at an introductory high-ticket price, making it a wise first-time premium investment for solopreneurs and small business owners. Working with a design team can come at a very high cost, and understandably so! But this special offer allows more room for brands with limited funds to STILL be able to collaborate with a high end design team.


How many times have you gotten a design package with the bells and whistles design work, but you kinda didn't need it? So many of our clients have expressed this as a major concern when investing in custom design work.

They want deliverables they can use NOW for a very SPECIFIC reason to meet a current need. If that's your story, our Design Day service will give you EXACTLY what you want in a design package--nothing more, nothing less.


I created our Design Day service so that my team and I could help you get TANGIBLE results QUICKLY.

The beauty of this offer is that we get to pour ALL of our creative energy into your design needs--and your need ONLY. Oftentimes, we're working on 4-6 different client projects at once. When you book us for a Design Day, we're narrowing our focus for 7-hours straight, solely onto your business. This allows us to be intentional about designing for MAXIMUM results, that you can begin to see sooner, rather than later! 

What we can accomplish depends on your unique goals. But first, let me walk you through our quick and easy process, so you can see how it all ties together!


how it all works

Ok, let me tell you


Booking us for a day couldn't be easier!

First, you want to click the button below to select a date that works best for you. Keep in mind, this is not an in-person or Zoom service, so you can go about your day as usual!

We will be working collaboratively back & forth throughout the day, so it’s best to select a date where you can be available via your messenger app of choice. We will have 2 brief check-in times throughout the day, for us to show you our progress, and for you to submit feedback.

Once you select your date, you'll be prompted to give us your contact information. Finally, you'll be able to submit payment, so that your spot will be held exclusively for YOU!


We will share with you some resources to help us best prepare for our big day.

One of them will be a detailed  questionnaire that will help us understand your exact design needs. From there we'll schedule a 15 minute call a few days before our Design Day to do a final clarity check on the day's task list.

 It’s absolutely crucial that we get your content that will be needed to design for, and your completed questionnaire at least 48 hours before our Design Day so that we can hit the ground running when the day arrives!

If you're a new client to Lex Creative, we can schedule 30 minute strategy call to walk through the details of priority list ahead of time.  We will work diligently from that priority list--to ensure that you get the designs you need MOST, right away.


We reserve 6-hours for our Design Day service. They typically go from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm CST, with a one-hour break in the middle.

The day of usually looks like this. We reach out that morning via the messenger app of choice (Voxer, Google Chat, WhatsApp, or good old fashion email!), to officially kick things off. From there, we’ll dig right in, sending updates periodically as we have new design work to share, collecting feedback, & asking questions along the way.

Quick response times are always appreciated to ensure we can make the most of our day together! 


We will provide 14 days of support post Design Day. We'll be here to answer questions and help you use your designs successfully. 

If you get confused or a little stuck somewhere about anything related to the work that we accomplished, you’ll be able to request feedback and instruction.

We can also provide personalized walk-through video demonstrations, if needed. In a nutshell, we've got your back, even after wrap up!

Let's Get Started


We can help you up-level your brand, while skipping the back and forth process of a longer project timeline! Sometimes you want to start getting results from strategic design QUICKLY.
We get it.  And that's EXACTLY why this offer was created!
'Spend the day with us', and let us help you get results driven design, sooner than later!

*(spots are limited - typically booking 2-4 weeks in advance) is ideal

A brand design studio for the modern entrepreneur.
You don't have to wait 4 months to earn an extra 4 figures from your brand. Book a Design Day with me!