what if I told you:

you CAN enjoy the perks of having consistent stellar graphics, and skip the hassle of hiring a full-time designer!

my monthly design support program will be absolutely perfect for you!

Running a successful skincare business or wellness facility is a lot of hard work! Creating amazing beauty products is incredibly difficult! But both are immensely fulfilling and what you were purposed to do in life! How much easier would life be if you & your team could focus on just the most purposeful aspects of your business?

Lex Creative works with professionals in the beauty & wellness industry to create content to better market their brand, allowing them to focus on their products and services--THAT'S IT!

We help market your business through strategic content creation such as brand & product photo sessions, video shoots, product design, brochure & print design work, billboards, and digital advertisement design. We do the work of making sure your business LOOKS amazing, while you and your team get to pour ALL your energy into creating experiences your community will love.

The perfect solution for small businesses that need design work throughout the year, but don't want to hire a full-time designer! In this fast paced digital age, EVERY business needs high quality visuals to increase reach, revenue, and influence.

This retainer program allows you to FINALLY have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a graphic designer to handle all your visuals each month--so the rest of your team can focus on your brand!

In addition, you'll receive a set (discounted) rate, avoiding those pesky fluctuating design fees! You'd simply pay a set amount each month for the duration of your contract, we'd discuss your design needs each month, and I handle it from there.

You get the access to a professional designer without the overhead costs of an employee. I hope it sounds as easy as it is! Learn how we can get started below.

support program

the design

+ 20 hours per month (approx. 5 hours per week)
+ Visual recap each month of project work 
+ Priority service in projects
+ 1 call per month to review project load

Investment: $1350/mo.

your personal designer

- 3 month minimum commitment. At the end of 3 months, we will reevalaute the program to ensure the number of hours are fitting your business needs. After that, we can move to 6, 9, or 12 month commitments.

- Each retainer includes a set number of hours per week. If additional hours are needed, they will be billed at my standard hourly rate.

- Unused hours expire at the end of each week. This is to ensure that I can allocate time for your projects each week and plan my workload accordingly.

- You will get an invoice on the first day of each month. Invoice will include the monthly retainer rate for that month and any additional charges from previous month.

the program details

what you can use this support program for:

+ Print materials – sales sheets, direct mailers,                     brochures, event programs, signage/flyers
+ Digital materials –Social media graphics, blog banners, and other web graphics
+ Ad design - print and web ads
+ Email Marketing graphics
+ Sales Presentations
+ Packaging design
+ Event design

**Services do not include:
 - logo design
 - additional stock photography or fonts (costs will be added to monthly fee)

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