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FINALLY have a brand that helps you positions you as a GO TO in your industry and equips you to charge HIGH ticket?

The 4 Amateur Branding Mistakes Wellness Experts Make That Are Keeping Them Stuck

have you been struggling to:

Make the transition into the next level as an expert or coach? This means booking primarily HIGH ticket coaching clients on a CONSISTENT basis. High ticket being four and five figure packages!

Fight past the BRAND SHAME you feel about how your branding, website, and social media presence looks? You KNOW you need to show up more, but you're SO embarrassed by how your current brand design looks!

Find the time to focus on rebranding, because you're constantly doing client work? You're booked and busy within your business, but have NO TIME to work ON your business.

let me've wasted time (and money):

hiring random subcontractors here and there, when really what you need is ONE designer to build a cohesive brand

hiring a graphic designer to update your logo every year, only to find that it's NOT THE ANSWER!  A logo alone, cannot carry the power of a FULL brand identity! 

looking at what other wellness brands are doing and replicating it, because you've not partnered with a brand strategist to figure out YOUR unique style 

but now you're (finally) ready to:

Come out of hiding
and start promoting your brand like the expert YOU ARE!

Increase your profits and earn the type of income industry experts command

Be found by your DREAM (high end) coaching clients and build a following of engaged supporters online

I felt like I didn't have a brand prior to working with Lex Creative. Alexis totally NAILED IT. I was doing business, but knew that proper branding was needed to take my business to the next level.

I wanted to start attracting the type of clientele that I desired to be working with, and since working with Lex Creative, I've been able to do that!

barbara littles,
Business coach & public speaker

Branding was the BIGGEST hindrance for towards elevating my consulting business to the next level. Alexis created a beautiful branding experience for me and I'm not so confident to begin marketing my new brand. I would recommend Lex Creative 100%.

valencia harris,
personal development coach

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Hey,I'm lex!

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I'm a brand strategist and web designer who has spent the last decade working with successful women leaders, helping them confidently earn more through branded visuals.

I currently serve experienced wellness coaches and experts who are looking to attract a more refined clientele through an authentic brand and profit building website.

The 4 Amateur Branding Mistakes You're Probably Making

Learn the 4 mistakes you're probably making with your branding as a wellness expert, and how to start promoting a brand that CONVERTS!

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