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Financial Consultant & Professional Speaker

Mary Ann Brown

Mary Ann Brown is a professional speaker, author, and financial consultant, based in Montgomery, Alabama. We worked together to solidify her personal brand, which serves as, what I call - a "homebase", for her many passions.

When creating the brand and website, our guiding words were 'warmth', 'relatability', and 'professionalism'. We put Mary's ministry work at the forefront and included all of her credentials as certified John Maxwell Speaker. 

Finally, we rounded out the project with a Speaker Sheet PDF, for Mary to share with anyone requesting her speaking topics.

Financial Consultant & Professional Speaker



Brand & Website Creative Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Brand Photography Creative Direction
Website Design & Development
Speaker Sheet Design




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Alexis of Lex Creative was instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. She led me through the process of creating my brand, which was actually just getting to the core of what I wanted to achieve and what was important to me. Creating a brand isn't just giving people what they want, it's a purifying & emotional process. 

I am proud of the product that we created together. It looks and feels like me, just much better than I could have produced by myself. 


Having someone like Alexis guide you through a brand process, guarantees a good product in the end.

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