We specialize in authentic brands for multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs.

so you can be get all your gifts out into the world and gain the freedom you desire

Your brand should look as amazing as the work you do, period.

At Lex Creative, we believe in the power of strategic design and intentional photography. This is why we infuse both into our design services, to make sure our clients get not just "pretty" visuals, but intentional DESIGN.

No one should have to experience KNOWING they have an expert level brand, but not having the expert looking DESIGN in place.

We cut through the noise of 'inspiration' and industry trends to get to the heart of WHO your brand is, the ways we'll express this through design, and how we'll ensure that it leaves your business primed for profit & industry leadership.

If that sounds like something you want for your company or personal brand, we're the studio for you!


barbara m. littles, purpose by design

I was doing business, but didn't feel like I had a brand before working with Lex Creative.

I was successfully doing business but knew that proper branding would take my business to another level and position me better to connect me with the kind of person I wanted to serve.
I knew this kind of level-up required a strong brand that could compete in that space.

Our Capabilities

Brand Identity / Collateral Design / Package Design / Brand Photography / Photo Creative Direction / Instagram Audit & Curation / Website Design & Development

Creative Direction & Brand Identity


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Your brand can only take your business as far as you decide to invest in it. It goes WAY beyond a color palette and logo. 

If we work together for Brand Identity and photoshoot Creative Direction, we position you to shine BRIGHT. From your visual aesthetics to your NON-VISUAL messaging, we help you use your brand identity to attract your dream audience and get paid like an EXPERT.

This offer is perfect for a newer business looking to refine its brand identity and leverage social media marketing. It is also ideal for a business with a good website in place, but they want to update their branding and photography to make it even more stellar.

Design Day


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This service is an intentional, 6-hour workday, where we knock out your design needs, quick and dirty! The benefit of this service? You  STILL get to enjoy the benefit of working 1 on 1 with a professional designer but don't have to wait 8+ weeks to get what you need! If you want to see some of the things we can get done in a day, check this out.

• Solopreneurs
• Course creators & digital educators
• Previous Lex Creative clients wanting ongoing design support
• Entrepreneurs needing quality design fast

our signature service

The Total Brand Makeover


The Total Brand Makeover is our signature, 10-12 week branding, photoshoot production, and website design offer. It's crafted to showcase your brand's evolution and authenticity while priming your business to become an unstoppable BRAND.

Everyone claims to promote ‘authenticity’, 
But are you TRULY showing it with your brand, or does it look JUST like everyone else’s? Is your personality bursting through your web design, or is it boring and safe, doing JUST ENOUGH to get a few sales?

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

This simple fact alone is why having a STRONG and AUTHENTIC brand and website to represent your business is hugely important.

When potential customers come across your brand, they need to find it in its very BEST condition, if you want to hold their attention for longer than 3 seconds.

We help your brand look fantastic and primed for steady conversions. If any of the items on the right sound like you, let's get to work on your brand, today!


“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

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