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A 30-something millennial building personality-driven websites for ambitious service providers, looking to be positioned as thought-leaderships so they can diversify their income and have more double their speaking opportunities.
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Meet Alexis

Believe it or not, the saying IS true.  “New levels, new devils,” is a popular quote that references how with each new level you advance to in life, expect a WHOLE new set of problems to be waiting for ya! But when it comes to knowing ‘how to build a brand’, how does this quote […]

So many times I’ll check my DMs and see messages from fellow small biz owners saying they’ve been in business for a while, but need help building their “brand”.  Or they’ll ask about my services, wanting me to “brand them”. Now, this is absolutely fine, I LOVE chatting with other business owners in the DMs […]

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According to Hubspot, 86% of consumers reported preferring an “authentic and honest” brand while engaging on social networks. And can you blame them? Gone are the days where business owners can hide behind their logo and stylized flatlays.

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A lot of business owners are afraid to invest in branding their business! So many of them won’t hire a designer to FULLY develop their brand.

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