Putting ALL your energy into YOUR CLIENTS and running YOUR BUSINESS, and very little into ELEVATING and authenticating your own BRAND!

Standing out in what seems like a super saturated industry. Because let's be real, SO many  wellness brands look the same!

Getting to the next level by securing high four & figure packages--allowing you to work LESS, but earn MORE!

I get it.
You struggle with:

i see you &

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it all started with my camera.

about us

If only you could...

Confidently book high ticket coaching clients, and become a go-to, trusted adviser amongst your dream clientele

Better position your wellness business to receive the type of income and authority that you've worked so hard for

Have the website that feels like a perfect blend of who you TRULY are, and WHAT you're uniquely great at doing

Move further along your journey towards building wealth for generations to come

Well guess what? You CAN have this and so much more.

I have a solution

laid out in       easy phases


The Total Brand Makeover is a 12-week program designed to create a visual brand that powerfully reflects your brand's true personality, allowing you to connect with your ideal client in a REAL way. We do the strategic work of transforming your brand, so that investing with you, become a no brainer!

It’s made up of 4 key phases that address the disconnect between your business’ visuals and your level of your expertise.
Our approach will enable you to organically book a more refined clientele, while also attracting a more loyal audience.

Investment: 5 payments of $1500
Timeline: Approximately 12 weeks


the total brand makeover


The confidence to charge more and sell often (you'll stop underpricing, and start getting what you deserve!)

Freedom from the brand shame you've suffered from for YEARS! (No more silently hoping that no one asks for you website link, you'll be sharing that link left and right! As you should.)

here's how it all goes down

You'll walk away with:


At Lex Creative, we focus on rebranding and website design, and brand photography for women-led small businesses in the wellness industry, specifically wellness experts, coaches, and holistic health brands. You know how important first impressions are. I also know that you know you need amazing visuals in place, so that when YOUR first impressions DO occur, your brand is solid. AKA you know you need to "stay ready, so you don't have to GET ready!"

What sets my studio apart from other branding companies, is that I’ve actually been SUPER infused into high-level marketing strategies for some of the top brands in this country. In other words, I KNOW first hand what type of visuals attract AND retain people’s attention! By God’s grace, I was able to sustain a career in the highly competitive beauty & fashion industry for over ten years, so I know a thing or two about strategy-driven branding. Read more and let me break down my simple process for you!


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We kick off the 4 weeks of this phase with a core strategy call that will help us lay the foundation for the entire 12 week journey. We uncover your brand’s goals, ideal clients, and unique positioning. Clarity on these things will allow you to reconnect with your WHY and true brand personality.

We establish foundational MUST HAVES for your brand in this phase, such as your ideal client profile, your new and improved logo, and your brand's fresh aesthetic, to name a few. 



• In depth brand strategy call
• ideal client profile
• brand mood board
• new logo design

time: 3 weeks
goal: repair


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Imagine the ease of you, and your photographer, just showing up at the predetermined venue, having already been provided with creative direction AND a shot list. All you both have to do is show up! That's how easy we make it. This phase focuses on our production of your new brand photo shoot and the strategizing of your new website!

While we wait for your new images to be retouched, we round out logo suite (because you need more than one logo, trust us on this), and tighten up your website copy. We end this phase with a strategy call to fully prep for the website redesign.

• remote photo shoot strategy
• brand shoot shot list
• logo suite development

time: 4 weeks
goal: refresh


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We design exclusively on the Wix or ShowIt platforms, because they are the most user friendly for the clients that we serve. We can absolutely help you transition over to one of these platforms and provide multiple resources for support.

In addition to nailing your website's design and development during Phase 03, we also do a social media audit. This means we will study what your current Instagram feed looks like, and then curate your feed to be more cohesive and better compliment your new branding. This will automatically give your business more authority, while also providing some structure that you can easily replicate, once we wrap! 

• Redesigned website (up to 6 pages)
• website development on the wix or showit platform
• website strategy session

time: 3 weeks
goal: revamp


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In the final weeks of this process we prepare to relaunch your new brand in a big way! We equip you with a brand style guide that will serve as your brand's visual manual, keeping you poised to be consistently viewed as a top earning wellness brand! 

SO many coaches and wellness experts are left with outdated sites, simply because they can't maintain them! We throw in a web training session, to make it easy for you to keep UP your new look! After your training session we celebrate online, where you get to post a custom set of graphics we design especially for your launch date.
Cue the bottle pop...this makeover is complete!


time: 2 weeks
goal: reveal


Working with Alexis has been the best experience. She went above and beyond to  make sure everything I needed was done to perfection. She has an amazing spirit and is so motivating!

Thanks so much for putting my ideas "on paper"! I appreciate you so much, and Lex Creative is the BEST!

I was speechless...


Since working with Lex Creative my brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in. It is clear what my business is, who I am, and whom I serve. With that clarity I'm attracting my ideal client, regularly.

I would definitely recommend Alexis, 1o out of 10! She is very talented, professional, organized, a great listener, follows through well, and a joy to work with. It's difficult to find that complete package.

I feel confident...



i got you. 

Hold questions first?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take? And do I pay it all at once?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take?

My process typically takes between 10-12 weeks, leaning more towards the latter. Remember our goal is not to just "crank out a new brand and website", but to craft an intentional brand, that will set you up for profit years to come.
We aim to keep payment methods super simple and accommodating for our clients! We break up your investment into 5 equal payments, with your first payment serving as your non-refundable retainer, to reserve your spot on our design calendar.

What website platform do you design on?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take?

I exclusively design on the ShowIt or Wix platforms. They are not only my favorite ones, but are also the MOST user friendly for my clients. I find that most clients have no trouble easily switching over to these platforms, and I, of course, provide ample training to help them get onboard!

What if I just want a logo?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not provide a la carte design services, such as logo creation, package design, etc. We truly believe that in order for our clients to be BEST served and truly get the results  they're trusting us to provide, then they need a holistic brand design. And this simply can't be done well by singling out specific elements, we focus on the brand as a whole. The Total Brand Makeover is our only offer, currently.

How do we actually get started?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take?

Great question! To get started, simply fill out this short application, here, which will allow you to schedule a 30 minute (totally fee) discovery call! From here, if we decide we're a good fit for each other, we'll proceed with the process. You'll receive a proposal to approve, contract to sign, and retainer invoice to pay. Then you're officially in the LC fam!

Why choose Lex Creative?

How long does the Total Brand Makeover process take?

Hey, I'm aware that you have a TON of options when it comes to choosing a designer. But what I believe sets Lex Creative apart is my blend of analytical thinking and innate design aesthetics. I have over a decade of experience crafting visual designs and providing creative direction. This has honed my ability to, as my clients say, "just know what looks good". But not only what looks good, WHAT SELLS. I'm equally passionate about using all my skills to best position women entrepreneurs and wellness brands for the success they work so hard for.

are you ready?

Ready to experience break though in your brand, bag, and boldness to promote the wellness business you've built? Well let's do this! Here's your first step.

I'm ready. let's book that call


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