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Hey there, I'm Alexis, lead designer and founder of Lex Creative Studios. For over a decade, I worked in the worlds of beauty and media communications, as a professional makeup artist and lifestyle blogger. In that world of intense brand campaigns and social media marketing, I honed my skills in graphic design and photography to score ad campaigns and brand deals with top brands such as GAP, Warby Parker, and Donna Karan to name a few.

I officially retired from the beauty industry in 2017 and focused all my efforts into creating a business that took everything I knew about marketing, brand development, web design, and most importantly, empowering ambitious women through the power of a makeover, and put it into developing my signature service, The Total Brand Makeover. I quickly realized I was actually STILL in the transformation business, lol, but this time, I get to help brands see the power of a makeover by  transforming the growth of their small businesses!

the total brand makeover

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I created this method, because I know first hand the power of a


I help established beauty & wellness brands stand out with authentic brand and web design so they can earn more while growing a super engaged audience. The Total Brand Makeover will authentically mirror the essence of who your brand claims to be, which in turn, inspires your customers to know, like, and trust your business more! And THIS is the trifecta for increased sales! 

These days, the natural inclination of consumers is to demand businesses to show up as their 'true self 'in order to be trusted enough to buy from. If you want to gain trust, easily find your brand’s true ‘fans’, and up-level your position in the wellness industry, you need to make sure your brand visuals are mirroring the excellence level you know your business delivers!

There IS beauty in design built on strategy!
If your brand is nice to look at, but has been leaving your business stuck,
you need to restructure it's foundation.

looks aren't everything, but here's some truth:


a disconnect with your ideal audience

Your products and services are excellent! You have acquired a decent following of supporters online. 

But there seems to be a disconnect between how new consumers are receiving your brand, and what you KNOW your brand to be. 

You can't quite put your finger on why you're not making new fans for your products, and why your old ones aren't engaging anymore.


You want to start booking more of the RIGHT clients and customers for your coaching packages. You need branding that feels like you and that screams VALUE to your ideal client!

securing high ticket coaching clients


consistent visuals

Your beauty products are selling and you're booking coaching clients, but you need to show up CONSISTENTLY with branded visuals. 

This lack of branding consistency may be causing high end potential customers to doubt the strength of your actual brand!


Because your days are filled with things like this.

In addition to  serving others, managing your team and pouring your ALL into your clients. Either way, there's very little time to do the deep work ON your business that's required to reach new heights.

lack of time

do you currently struggle with...

are you ready to experience this?

More time with the ones you love, doing WHAT you love, because you're working less ON your business, and only IN it--serving your clients incredibly well.

Being better positioned to be viewed as the go to person for your specific industry, because your brand is cohesive and trustworthy.

The same confidence that top tier skincare, beauty experts, and wellness coaches walk in, because they KNOW their brand message & visuals are top notch!

A website designed ON PURPOSE, not according to a cookie cutter template that's super basic! You get a custom design that will market for your wellness business 24/7.

Clarity from our 1:1 strategy sessions that ultimately yields a full on brand identity that you can be secure in. If you can be secure in your business, you can market it better. And naturally, once you learn to market better, you inevitably start to earn more.

The truth is, even though you perform amazingly well in your lane, everyone isn’t naturally creative! And that’s okay.

You don’t have time to get bogged down with color palette options, fonts, or graphic design apps that you’d have to figure out. You simply want to partner with someone who IS naturally creative, with an eye for both aesthetics, copywriting, and the ability to strategically design with an end goal in mind. In other words..

 you want to work with someone who makes your wellness business look good ON PURPOSE!

If you've been shaking your head to all of this, it's time to start thriving with an authentic brand identity that commands MORE for you.

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Stop wasting time, settling for good enough, or literally leaving money on the table! Partner with me, and let's do this!
I'm waiting on you.

The Total Brand Makeover is a 6-week program designed to completely revamp the visual presence of your wellness business so that it’s truly reflective of your brand's voice, values, and vision. It invites your audience & potential coaching clients to connect with you authentically. 

It’s made up of 4 key phases, that attack the brand’s very foundation with strategy and a custom audit. Then it moves on to reveal where the disconnect is happening between your business’ visuals and the audience you're trying to capture.

I created my signature service, The Total Brand Makeover, as an ode to my days of giving life-altering physical makeovers to powerful women CEOs as a beauty expert. Thus, the ‘Total Brand Makeover’ is fittingly organized into 4 phases, named after the 4 phases of the “perfect makeup application” 

The strategic work behind the Total Brand Makeover is what enables these businesses to connect with their audiences and potential clients in a more authentic way, leading to more trust and perceived value of their brand, which ultimately leads to them having more sales!

how it all goes down:


We begin with Phase 1, where we, ‘Lay the Foundation’. We do this through a series of brand audits and strategy sessions to pinpoint exactly where the brand is visually the weakest and how we can implement better graphics, photos, videos, etc. to make it appear as strong as we know it is!

Then we move into revamping the logos, spicing up the color palette, and planning an epic brand photo shoot that will show your products & services in their best light. As a brand photographer, my studio can conduct your brand shoot, or I can serve as creative director, and be in charge of planning the shoot, wherever you are in the world!

Phase 1

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Phase 2 is where we, ‘Polish the Look’. This phase is all about actually conducting your brand or video shoot and redesigning your website. If you’re local to the Mississippi or Louisiana area, I’ll conduct the photo session, providing you with strategically planned, high-quality images that showcase the direction of your refreshed branding and positioning. Or if you’d like to provide travel for me to come to you, that’s always an option as well!

Again, If you’re not local, I will completely creative direct your photo session, finding and coordinating with a photographer in your area and providing them with the shot list, to make sure the vision doesn’t get lost. Then we dive into a MODERN, but still professional website redesign, built off the strategic foundational work done in Phase 1. This literally brings strategy to REAL LIFE through modern, fresh, and authentic imagery!

Phase 2

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Phase 3 is called, ‘Styling the Digitals’. This is where I actually build the website that will help shift the perception of your brand. I work to take your site from being just enough to get some sales to the website that effortlessly attracts, impresses, and builds raving fans!

The people who DON'T know they need your services or products yet, DO need to see a seamless connection between who you are authentically and who your branding says that you are. No more old photos, no more stock photos, no boring, stiff, ' safe’ websites. You have to show up as organically as possible online in order to be seen!

Because in today’s culture, EVERYONE buys from who they know, like, and trust. Establish that trust with a brand that speaks FOR you. That speaks WELL of you!


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Finally, the last phase, Phase 4, is called Set, Seal, and Soar. Because we all know that once you set and seal your perfectly applied face, you’re ready to hit the ground running and soar into your day, feeling amazing! And that’s EXACTLY how we wrap the Total Brand Makeover. We make sure the website, branding, marketing strategy, and graphics and top-notch, as we position to RELAUNCH your brand into the stratosphere.

It’s a 6-week investment that could potentially change the entire trajectory of your wellness business. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make a change for the better!



6 weeks, with the average brand investing $6k.

if you're truly ready to transform your brand, and your life,