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Hey CEO, I see you over there...
still waiting 3 months for the designs you need TODAY

Wish you could have the expert eyes of a  designer on a sorta, an "as needed" basis...to make your masterclass presentations, Facebook ads, and digital products look TOP notch! But you don’t want to be bound to a "10-hour per month, 3-month minimum" contract--your business just doesn't need design support THAT frequently

Don’t need a FULL website rebrand but simply a website "refresh"--you know, small changes, from a professional's touch, to reflect your new goals, added services, updated images, and refreshed copy. You WOULD do it, but you you value the expertise of a good designer and well...time... :-/

Have a launch coming up. You and you team are knee deep in prep! But you realized you STILL need to make the course workbooks, social media graphics, the webinar slide deck, AND the freebie PDFs! You hate to ask your project manager to do it (again), and would rather she stay in her zone of genius, but who else is gonna do it?

Are sick of spending countless hours in Canva, designing (or attempting to design, lol) Instagram and Facebook content, when you KNOW  you could be using your time serving your clients, booking partnerships,  and making your courses better than ever!


Saw a HUGE spike of momentum in your business recently, and realized you needed to clean up the branding a bit. You'd like to have a consistent color scheme, cool fonts, and a new, fresh, logo...but every designer you contact is making the process lengthier than you have time (and mental bandwidth, let's be real!) for right now...you respect their process, but you just don't have 8 weeks to get the branding help you need NOW! 

Imagine if things could be different?

Listen, I know you're a bonafide expert at what you do. You know your target audience, you've got a clear handle on the vibe and authentic personality of your brand, and you even know how to make money doing what you love. You don't need help with the basics, you just need to stop feeling behind all the time and like there's never enough time to get it all done.

• focus solely on your current coaching clients and NOT on learning how to create marketing materials to attract NEW clients all the time (wouldn't that be PERFECT?)

• easily raise your rates, because your beautiful and strategically designed new graphics online, elevates how people perceive your brand as a whole. This results in people viewing you as one of the 'go-to's' in your industry (did you hear that? I think that was the sound of the price going up!)

• gain BACK those 5-10 hours spent each week, trying to stay on top of content creation to grow your list, design promo materials to sell your courses, and create social media graphics to build a highly engaged audience (you ready to 'clock out' early on a Thursday to hit the beach with the fam?)


The only thing standing between you and the time freedom you crave, is you stepping AWAY from the Canva tutorials, and stepping INTO a modern and efficient partnership with an A-1 design expert

imagine how life would be if you could

Well, friend, let me tell you, life CAN be that simple.

Looks like that's my cue... 😊

Quit waiting 8 weeks for the designs you need, to make money, TODAY.

Lex here, entering the chat with a short (but powerful word):

An 8 hour workday, where I work solely on the design tasks you need to elevate your brand and promote your offers.

Design Days w/Lex


In today's economy, there are more entrepreneurs and small business owners than EVER before. But what makes today's entrepreneurs different from those of yesteryear, is that now, we have options. You need a mini-brand identity? Just something cohesive and clean that you can use to start building some awareness online for your business. You can have that. You need a website that's designed to make you money...but in like 1 week, not 10? You can have that too.

Gone are the traditional methods (and timelines) of branding your small business, that agencies and big corporations have put you through in the past. There's simply no need for a 12-week process that costs $12,000, ALL the time. There HAS to be some middle ground for the savvy digital CEO or ambitious coach who knows how to do a little bit of everything to grow her business, but just doesn't have the time to get it all done.

Only 2 spots each month, and spots fill up quickly


what you get:

Hours of your life back, to do the things you're the absolute best at

2 payments of $1,250

The investment:

The timeline:

24 hour turnaround

unpopular truth:

Growing a brand as a modern entrepreneur, requires modern branding solutions

Ready to stop adding to your to-do list and actually start checking things off?

Modern entrepreneurs like yourself, need MODERN branding solutions, like my Design Day service. This allows you can stay in your zone of genius, aka, the lane you were literally BORN to thrive in!

I know you can figure out that PDF in Canva, make those tweaks to your website, and maybe even play around in Photoshop to produce a decent logo. But how much better would life be if you used your time wisely and opted OUT of 'doing all the things?

How much more money could you make if you stopped doing 'all the things' and focused on making your coaching packages, services, or digital products UNBELIEVABLY better? Or what about how much JOY can imagine feeling, knowing you've 'magically' gained extra hours in your week to kick start that 3 day weekend with your husband? How cool would it be to enjoy UNRUSHED coffee dates with your biz besties (yes, no laptops included!), or to show up stress free and relaxed to pick your kids up from practice.

If all of this sounds like music to your ears, you're the EXACT kinda boss I created Design Days for.

First, you fill out a short form and reserve your Design Day with your initial payment. This lets me know which week you're hoping to have your Design Day, and I take it off the books, so no one else can snag it--I only book 2 Design Days every month!

01. Book & reserve your spot

Second, I follow up with an email, confirming receipt of payment. Then we finalize our Design Day, based on both of our availabilities and your direct needs. Lastly we set a date to have a 20-30 minute chat to go over the deliverables and make sure we're both crystal clear on the details of the Design Day.

02. Have a Clarity Call with me

5 days before our Design Day, I'll need the files that are required to complete our work! So if you're getting website or content work done, I'll need all the copy and photos. If you're getting a brand mini, I'll need your questionnaire completed by this point in our timeline.

03. Send over the files I'll need

Finally, you get to take it easy, as you've successfully gotten these design burdens OFF your shoulders, lol, go you! Also, please note, you do NOT have to be physically present, logged into Zoom, or anything like this for our Design Day. The point is that you get to carry on with life as normal, while I'm working in the background.

I'll get started at 8:30 AM CST, tackling the tasks we've identified as priority on our Clarity Call. From there, we'll simply have 3 check-in times throughout the day via email, messenger app (Voxer,), or plain ole' text message, where I'll send you designs to give feedback on. I'll tweak them to perfection and we'll call it quits at 5:30 PM CST.

Lastly, I clean up the files, and send them your way the next morning. Fin!
Design Day, complete! 

04. Relax as I knock out your designs

Sounds pretty simple, huh?

That's because it is

Here's How It All Goes Down



You know your brand’s style, mission, and target audience. You just need good designs FAST and don't want to jump through hoops to get started.

Design Days Are Literally Perfect For You if you

you need a custom branding project instead, if you

Need the 1 on 1 attention of a design expert on the foundation of your brand. You need creative strategy and clarity on who your brand is, your values, ideal client, and brand voice

Have been running your business successfully and don't need any strategy work--you have a solid foundation for who your brand is already (you just need good designs!)

I get it.
I make things simple and my process is easy.
press play to hear more about my favorite way to partner with experts like you.

Truly value good design and know how much it can positively affect your conversions and audience growth

Are super busy and don't have 10 weeks to dedicate to a traditional custom design project (you're a go-getter, you can't in your inbox waiting on deliverables for weeks at a time!)

Know EXACTLY what designs you need to get done, you just haven't had the time to do them

Have a budget flexible enough to invest $6k-$10k on a custom brand identity and marketing assets

Are not in a rush at ALL, and prefer the slower pace of a longer project, spread out over a couple of months

Don't really know what kind of design assets you need to streamline your brand, but DO know that you need a new modern identity for your brand to better position your business, overall

On the fence?
Let me help you hop over!

In 24 hours, I can get these things done for you

now let's talk design

(Finally, the good stuff 🤓)

Bonus: A Brand Shoot Guide: This is truly a treat, as I am also a brand photographer! You get a guide that will give you creative direction and suggestions for how to style your brand photoshoot--whenever you decide to make it happen!

A Brand Guideline document to keep you consistent

A primary color palette & font system

1 Primary and 1 secondary logotype

A Mini Identity

A brand mini is a bare bones version of a brand identity. It's small, but mighty! It's perfect for a brand new small business, needing just the basics of a cohesive brand identity, OR a seasoned business that has evolved and needs a small refresh. It's perfect for putting in place fresh & modern brand elements, without all the "extra" stuff you may not need (or even know how to use). Here's what's included in a Brand Mini:

Content Knockout

Social Media Content: Looking to get a month or 2 of social media content designed and off your plate? I can do that! Or I can design a set of Canva templates for your social media content that you can easily edit yourself each week

Brand Collaterals: I can design some essential collateral items you may need for your brand in a day, including a business card design, stationery design, flyer designs, a proposal template, a service guide PDF, etc.

Launch materials: Launching a new course or digital product? I can design some mockups and graphics for the products, or design the products themselves, all I need is the copy!

Everything for your upcoming webinar or masterclass: The slide deck, promotional graphics, workbook freebies, email graphics, etc.

Need to get those freebie PDFs made to grow your email list? What about your online course workbooks, launch graphics, or webinar materials? We can knock all of these kinds of things out in a day! I can even design up to a month of Instagram content for you, if you'd like to focus on your client work or students only for a period of time. No matter what content you decide to get crossed off your list with this type of Design Day, it's guaranteed to add more time your days, weeks, and months, even! Here's what we can do:

Template customization: If you've purchased one of the LC Site Shop website templates, I can customize it to fit your business!

Aesthetics fresh: Made some changes lately to your brand identity? I can update your whole website with your new brand colors, fonts, copy, and/or photos

Add-on pages (additional pages added to your current website)

Long form sales page and thank you page

A Brand Collateral Suite

If you have a website set up already, but know it can look a little (okay, a lot, lol!) better with a professional's touch--this is probably perfect for you! You don't need a brand NEW website, you just need some updates made or additional pages created, and you simply don't have the time! I got you :-)

In the essence of keeping this a 24 hour project you must already have your copy (words for your website) and brand photos before we can begin.

Also note: For any Design Day website work your website needs to be on the ShowIt, Wix, or Squarespace platforms. If you currently don't have a website platform, I cannot recommend ShowIt enough! Here's what we can do for your website in a day:

I'll only work on YOUR brand during our design day together. You've booked me for the day, I'm all yours!

My Design Day Guarantee

Because if you've made it this far, you deserve one :-) 

Your mini brand, graphics, or website refreshes will receive just as much expert attention to detail as my premium custom packages

I'll ensure that your top priority task is done to perfection by the end of the day! The beauty  of this is offer is efficiency, and that's what you'll get :-)

expert quality

personalized attention

24 hour delivery

Working with a designer CAN be simple.
Are you ready to partner with an expert who makes this thing EASY?

let's get started today

despite what you may have heard

Design Days and custom Brand Identity projects are both just tools in my belt to get my clients their own unique results! One is not necessarily better than the other:-) However, I am suuuppperrr passionate about serving what I like to call "the modern entrepreneur" well. And I've found that the modern entrepreneur is very savvy, very much a go-getter and a natural "figure-it-outer."

They simply vibe well the traditional methods of working on their brand, and I get it! Modern entrepreneurs prefer to partner with an expert quickly and efficiently, because they've got moves to make, and can D-I-Y a lot of stuff for their business. I love serving these kinds of entrepreneurs because I know they'll take the assets I give them and RUN with them! And isn't that what growing your brand is all about?  😊


Although I can certainly build websites on other platforms, like Wordpress and Shopify, when it comes to Design Days, the name of the game is SPEED. Those platforms are more robust and require more time for coding and technical attention. I'm a ShowIt master and super efficient in Wix and Squarespace. This makes the likelihood of me finishing everything up in 24 hours even greater :-)


If you don't have your copy and photos ready 5 days before our scheduled Design Day (3 days at the latest), we will have no choice but to reschedule the day. Again, the beauty of a Design Day is how fast we can get things done, with excellence! Having to wait on things won't position us to do this.


Absolutely! Like I mentioned earlier, we'll have 3 "check-in" times throughout the day. This is where you'll review the designs I send over and give feedback. Near the end of the day I share the 'Final Proof', where you'll have a chance to request any last minute refinements, if needed. From there I'll spend the last hour making any adjustments and saving your final files.


My goal is always to complete as much as we can in 1 day! However, there ARE some instances where the task list is simply too great to complete every single thing! In those cases, I've had clients book an additional half  day, as we neared the end of the Design Day, realizing we wouldn't finish. Also, I've had clients go ahead and book 2 Design Days at once, if they intend to knock out a lot, right from the jump. Either way works, as we're STILL getting things done faster than a traditional project, but with a little more time to wrap it all up.


Nope!  I'll begin the Design Day at 8:30 AM CST and we'll have a the first check-in via the free messenger app, Voxer, by email, or text message at 12 Noon, CST. You'll be able to give feedback & request edits at this time. After this, I'll continue to work on the tasks, and we'll have 2 more check-ins until the Design Day comes to an end at 5:30 PM CST.


Don't worry, I have the answers!

You May Have Some Questions...

Let me help you elevate your brand sooner, than later

Design Day spots are limited every month, and booked on a first come, first serve basis.
If you'd like to grab your spot now, secure it at the button below. I'd love to help you get level up through beautiful design that gets you seen and makes you money!
Please note: My average design day client books a month in advance.