Your brand should look as amazing as the work you do, period.

No one should have to experience KNOWING they have an expert level brand, but not having the DESIGN in place that reflects that expertise.

As a service provider myself, I understand the struggle of wanting to pour all your energy into your clients. Yet sometimes we end up with very little energy left for maintaining our OWN brands. If you feel like there's hardly ever enough time to get to it all, trust me, I get the struggle!

This is why I've curated my offers to speak to the modern entrepreneur who needs efficient but less time consuming solutions for their brand needs. I help service providers and experts achieve authentic, strategic, and money-making websites and designs within a shorter time frame. This frees you up to do more of what you love, with less friction, and more focus on the results!

If that sounds like something you want for your company or personal brand, keep scrolling to learn how we can partner together to work on your amazing brand!

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barbara m. littles,
owner, purpose by design coaching

"I was doing business, but didn't feel like I had a brand before working with Lex Creative."

I was successfully doing business but knew that proper branding would take my business to another level and better position me to connect with the kind of person I wanted to serve.
I knew this kind of level-up required a strong brand design that could compete in that space. After working with Alexis, I'm now attracting my ideal client.

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Website Templates


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Your brand can only take your business as far as you decide to invest in it. It goes WAY beyond a color palette and logo. 

If we work together for Brand Identity and photoshoot Creative Direction, we position you to shine BRIGHT. From your visual aesthetics to your NON-VISUAL messaging, we help you use your brand identity to attract your dream audience and get paid like an EXPERT.

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• Solopreneurs
• Course creators & digital educators
• Previous Lex Creative clients wanting ongoing design support
• Entrepreneurs needing quality design fast

Design Day


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This service is an intentional, 6-hour workday, where we knock out your design needs, quick and dirty! The benefit of this service? You  STILL get to enjoy the benefit of working 1 on 1 with a professional designer but don't have to wait 8+ weeks to get what you need! If you want to see some of the things we can get done in a day, check this out.

• Solopreneurs
• Course creators & digital educators
• Previous Lex Creative clients wanting ongoing design support
• Entrepreneurs needing quality design fast


Custom Brand Identity


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We begin with brand strategy to secure a firm foundation for who your brand is and how we'll communicate that through visuals. Then we dive into designs beautifully customized to reflect your brand. i 

A part of this 6 week process includes producing a plan for your next (or first) brand photoshoot, and also developing some strategy for your future website.

This will ensure that when you're ready to have your brand shoot, all you have to do is book the team. Also, it's useful for if you plan to DIY your website or pass the task along to a member of your team. You'll have the strategy for both done--so that the execution is seamless, no matter when you choose to do it!


• Solopreneurs
• Course creators & digital educators
• Previous Lex Creative clients wanting ongoing design support
• Entrepreneurs needing quality design fast


“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”


"My husband is particularly hard to please when it comes to something he's invested money in. But, when we got the very first looks from Alexis, his response was "it's perfect". That's NEVER happened before, and probably won't again!
She's that good!


Having Alexis guide you through a brand process, guarantees a good product in the end.

dr. Sarah mcmurtry, licensed clinical psychologist

Our rebranding process with Lex Creative allowed us to refocus on our company vision so that it could be visually represented in an authentic way. Alexis helped us finally achieve a brand that reflected who we are as a company!

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Need a website that's easy to edit and primed for making money?

A brand design studio for the modern entrepreneur.
You don't have to wait 4 months to earn an extra 4 figures from your brand. Book a Design Day with me!

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