Your brand should look as amazing as the service you provide.

At Lex Creative, we believe in the power of strategy! This is why we infuse it into our services, to make sure our clients get not just "pretty" visuals, but WELL thought out BRANDS.

No one should have to experience KNOWING they're an expert level brand, but not having the an authentic brand DESIGN in place to prove it.

We cut through the noise of 'inspiration' and industry trends and get to the heart of who your business is, the ways we'll express this to the world through design, and how we'll ensure that it leaves your business primed for profit & industry leadership.

here's how you can work with us

Great branding doesn't just "happen"'s done on purpose.

You're not going to wake up one day and magically have the brand of your dreams, you have to intentionally go after it! What's gotten you HERE won't get you to YOUR next level.

If you want to connect with your ideal clients, grow your DREAM audience, and have a website that actually makes you money, we can help.

This isn't a session where we look at pretty pics on Pinterest and call it 'strategy'. Sorry friend! The Total Clarity Intensive gives stressed out business owners the space to truly get clear on their brand's foundational pieces, like their unique selling proposition, ideal client avatar, brand voice, and personality.

This strategy work will position you with the clarity you NEED to DIY your brand with PURPOSE so you can start seeing REAL results.

Authentic Brand Build Out

Who It's For

Approximately 4-6 weeks;
Inquire here to set up a consultation to discuss rates

Timeline & Rate

The Authentic Brand Design offer is perfect for the newer business looking to refine their aesthetic while increasing their income.

They are super savvy on social media, and want to focus their marketing efforts there, until they're ready to invest in a high quality website.

brand identity


All 3 of our services begin with and are centered around a brand strategy session! We are SUPER intentional about creating authentic brands for our clients, so it's only fitting that we begin every project with a strategy session.

In this session we get to root of your brand's TRUE personality, values, voice, tone, and put in place inspiration for the visuals to come.

brand strategy

Then we take all of the information gathered during the strategy session and use it to craft purposeful, modern, and 'true to you' logos.

In addition, we also prepare for your brand's new photo shoot session during this stage. We handle the creative direction & ensure that it's FULLY produced, no matter where you are in the world. All you and the photo team have to do is, show up!

brand design

Collateral is such a vital part of your brand's identity. We conclude the Authentic Brand Build Out with custom backgrounds or templates that are aligned with your new aesthetic.

If applicable, we also provide package design, and a print ready business card design, for your brand during this phase as well.

collateral design

the process


This is our signature service, crafted to cover EVERYTHING your brand will need to make a new splash in your market.

It's a custom rebrand experience, rooted in brand strategy. The Total Brand Makeover is designed to help position your business as a true industry leader, while refining your look, to draw in high ticket clients, effortlessly.

Our Total Brand Makeover clients are great at what they do and earn consistent income from their business, but their current branding and website don't TRULY reflect just how amazing they are! They have brand shame that prevents them from sharing their website and showing up consistently to market their work.

If you're ready for a visually modern, yet EQUALLY high converting brand that will authentically reflect how your business has evolved over the years, this is the service for you.

The Total Brand Makeover

our signature service

timeline & RATE

Approximately 12 weeks
Inquire here for a free discovery call to discuss rates.

brand + web design


apply to work with us and get a custom quote for your brand's custom makeover 


At Lex Creative, we focus on brand strategy, authentic branding and stunning website design for small businesses in the wellness, beauty, and lifestyle industries. You know how important first impressions are. You also know that you need amazing visuals ALREADY in place, so that when your first impressions occur with your dream clients, they find your brand to be impressive and SOLID from the gate.

Can you say with confidence that your brand is ALWAYS making a good first impression with your ideal clients and community? If not, you'll want to click right and view the 4 simple stages of our signature service, The Total Brand Makeover. You'll get an idea of how we can practically uncover the brand and web design your business deserves. 


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We kick off the 3 weeks of this phase with a core strategy call that will help us lay the BEST foundation for the entire 12-week journey. We uncover your brand’s goals, values, aesthetics, ideal clients, and unique positioning. Clarity on these things will allow you to reconnect with your WHY and true brand personality.

Then we package it all up into a beautiful brand strategy guide that you'll be able to frequently reference, to make sure your brand stays aligned & consistent.


Laying The Right Foundation

• In depth brand strategy call & GUIDE
• ideal client profile
• brand mood board
• new logo design

time: 3 weeks
goal: repair


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Accentuate Your Features

Imagine the ease of you, and your photographer, just showing up at the predetermined venue, having already been provided with creative direction AND a shot list. All you both have to do is show up! That's how easy we make it.

While we wait for your new images to be retouched, we round out your logo suite (because you need more than one logo, trust us on this), and tighten up your website copy. We end this phase with a strategy call to fully prep for the website redesign.

• remote photo shoot strategy
• brand shoot shot list
• logo suite development

time: 4 weeks
goal: refresh


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Frame Your Online Home

We design exclusively on the Wix or ShowIt platforms, because they are the most user friendly for the clients that we serve. We can absolutely help you transition over to one of these platforms and provide multiple resources for support.

In addition to nailing your website's design and development during Phase 03, we also do a social media audit. This means we will study what your current Instagram feed looks like, and then curate your feed to be more cohesive and better compliment your new branding. This will automatically give your business more authority, while also providing some structure that you can easily replicate, once we wrap! 

• Redesigned website (up to 6 pages)
• website development on the wix or showit platform

time: 3 weeks
goal: revamp


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Final Mirror Check

In the final weeks of this process we prepare to relaunch your new brand in a big way! We equip you with a brand style guide that will serve as your brand's visual manual, keeping you poised to be consistently viewed as a top earning wellness brand! 

SO many experts are left with outdated sites, that look far from that of an expert! This is partly because they can't maintain them! We throw in a web training session, to make it easy for you to keep UP your new look! After your training session we celebrate online, where you get to post a custom set of graphics we design especially for your launch date.
Cue the bottle pop...this makeover is complete!


time: 2 weeks
goal: reveal


This isn't a session where we look at pretty pics on Pinterest and call it 'strategy'. Sorry friend!

The Total Clarity Intensive gives stressed out business owners the space to truly get clear on their brand's foundational pieces, like their unique selling proposition, ideal client avatar, brand voice, and personality.

This strategy work will position you with the clarity you NEED to DIY your brand with PURPOSE so you can start seeing REAL results.

You don't know how to visually express your brand's true personality! You have an idea of what it is, but clueless on how to craft visuals that accurately reflect this.

You need a crystal clear picture of your ideal client and target audience, so that you can know how to create messaging that attracts them effortlessly!

You're savvy enough to DIY and don't have the budget (YET!) to hire a designer, but would rather receive help on how to structure your website for PROFIT--not just cute aesthetics.

how to know if this is for you:

brand consulting



Browse our most frequently asked questions below. And if you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to email us directly.

Got Questions?

Unfortunately, we don't offer a la carte logo design. We focus on brand strategy, complete brand and web design. However if you want to DIY a logo or hire a freelancer to create one for you, I suggest contacting us for a strategy session, to ensure that the logo actually does what you want it to do for your brand as a WHOLE! Read more here.

Every project is different! We always get on a free, 30 minute discovery call to determine your specific needs. This allows us to then put together a proposal with a more accurate quote for you . However, most of our projects fall within the $6-$20k range.

Keep in mind strategy & design is an investment and we always want to make that investment worthwhile for our clients. We work hard to position your brand for expansion and elevation that could truly change the life of your business.

We absolutely allow payment plans! Our clients often enjoy the flexibility of being able to make payments on a monthly schedule or in 2-4 installments.

We reserve your spot on our design schedule with an upfront, non-refundable retainer fee of approximately 25-50% of the total service fee. However, after this fee is secured, we gladly establish payment plans for our clients. 

Great question! No we aren't a hosting company, we simply design and develop your website. We build them exclusively on the ShowIt and Wix platforms (Shopify for e-commerce), and your monthly subscription on the platform will cover your hosting!

If you need our help migrating over to one of these platforms when we work together, we'd be happy to assist you!

Hey there, Alexis here! I'm aware that you have a TON of options when it comes to choosing a designer. But what I believe sets Lex Creative apart is my blend of analytical thinking and innate design aesthetics. I have over a decade of experience crafting visual designs and providing creative direction. This has honed my ability to, as my clients say, "just know what looks good". But not only what looks good, WHAT SELLS. I'm passionate about using all my strategy skills to best position women entrepreneurs and wellness brands for the success they work so hard for.

I believe I'm the perfect designer for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses in beauty & wellness because I speak your language and know how to craft visuals that get you SEEN & PAID, while you focus on being the visionary of your brand.

You're probably more tech savvy than you think! But no worries, at the end of each web design project, I conduct a free 1 hour training session, with either you or someone on your team. 

I go over EVERYTHING you'll need to know to keep your site running smoothly. The best part: we record the whole thing, so you can double back and focus on anything you have trouble remembering!

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Now you're talking! To get started, simply fill out this short application, here, which will allow you to schedule a 30 minute (totally fee) discovery call!

From here, if we decide we're a good fit for each other, we'll proceed with the process. You'll receive a proposal to approve, contract to sign, and retainer invoice to pay. Then you're officially in the LC fam!

I was doing business but knew that proper branding could take my business to another level. The type of person I wanted to work with would require my brand showing up as more competitive.
Since working with Lex Creative my brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in. Now I'm consistently attracting my ideal client.

"Alexis Nailed It!
I'm FINALLY attracting my ideal client"


Alexis of Lex Creative was instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. She led me through the process of creating my brand, which was actually just getting to the core of what I wanted to achieve and what was important to me. 

"Having someone like Alexis guide you through a brand process, guarantees a good product in the end.


My strategy session with Lex helped me to navigate how I wanted to present my business to the world! She helped me with finding great resources to run my social media and marketing more smoothly.
She even helped me with designing a sleek logo that I love!

"I never thought I could do all of this for my business, thank you Lex Creative!"


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