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I provide brand makeovers for small businesses in beauty & wellness to better position themselves for more sales and undeniable industry authority.

What sets my studio apart from other branding companies, is that I’ve actually been SUPER infused into high-level marketing strategies for some of the top brands in this country. In other words, I KNOW first hand what type of visuals attract AND retain people’s attention in the beauty & wellness space!

By God’s grace I was able to sustain a career in the highly competitive beauty & fashion industry for over ten years, so I know a thing or two about strategy-driven branding. I worked as a makeup artist in fashion and entertainment in the bustling cities of New Orleans and New York City. I was able to be apart of some amazing campaigns and marketing projects. I’ve worked with brands like Gap, Neiman Marcus, Maybelline, Seventeen Magazine, Anne Klein, WWD, Donna Karan, Zac Posen, Dennis Bosso, Essence Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Fader Magazine, Amika, and Warby Parker, to name just a few. 

These days look a little different for me. There’s no more New York City runways to get top models picture-perfect for, no celebrities to glam up for red carpets, and no flights to catch every other week for on-location photoshoots. But rather everyday I’m blessed to share all that I’ve accumulated through the years to help women run their businesses well and be more profitable through the power of my signature service, the Total Brand Makeover. 


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Here's how my signature service, The Total Brand Makeover, transforms your business:

be seen as an authority in the saturated wellness industry through  unique brand design that will organically attract the right clients for your high ticket packages.

equips you with an authentic brand voice, & visuals, to realign your brand to connect better with your audience and build more brand awareness.

Being authentic in your brand's voice and tone, means that it sounds true to your business. In other words, all the terminology, verbiage, and overall words of your brand, are a real reflection of what your business is about. A HUGE percentage of wellness brands don't have authentic voices because they haven't done brand strategy work! This is something we conqueor in the very first week of the Total Brand Makeover. Why is brand voice even important, anyway?
Accurate brand voice is what will influence EVERYTHING in your business! It influences your captions, your graphics to promote your products, the words on your website, EVERYTHING. All of these things affect, your sales! People only buy from brands they know, like, and trust. And if your potential consumers sense, even the slightest bit of inauthenticity, or that there's something not quite genuine in your brand's messaging or visuals, they're less likely to purchase! Get the authentic visuals your business needs to make more money and create more trust with your current & potential customers through my Total Brand Makeover!

Let's be real, the wellness industry is easily one of the fastest growing, but equally, most saturated industries out there. You cannot create loyal fans for your packages, showing up like everyone else. You have to stand out. Saying you're "a health coach who empowers women", isn't enough. Or marketing as an 'all natural skincare line' just isn't enough anymore. You have to successfully express a more blatant uniqueness factor in order to be seen as someone special in this space.

Industry authorities KNOW what makes them unique, and they learn it through proper strategy. Then, they implement it through brand visuals and a website that screams it from the mountain tops! That same authority is possible for your brand, if you invest in partnering with a pro to help you get there.

So where are you with your wellness business? You've seen a stagnation in your brand's growth, your  website isn't converting visitors into real clients anymore, or maybe you're sick and tired of how your brand isn't showing up as the real YOU in the world. Let us help. Sign up today to learn about the Total Brand Makeover. I'm waiting for you!

we're probably a good match!

Let's hop on a quick 30 minute (totally free), discovery call! I want to hear all about your business, it's goals, and how I can best serve you through design, web, or content creation.

Investing in your business, the smart way, is always worth it. Let's do this together!

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