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Before Lex Creative, I didn’t feel like I had a brand. After working with Lex Creative Studios, my business had its most profitable quarter in the company’s history!





Dear coaches & service providers:

I know how you feel.




Embarrassed that you’re a bonafide expert at what you do and have the receipts to prove it! But you hesitate to send people to your website, because it looks like it’s been stuck in the Hot Tub Time Machine. 

Frustrated from seeing your peers, who may be a little less experienced than you, but who are undoubtedly showing up more than you, kill it at marketing their brand online. 

Tired from having to work with so many clients at once, just to be able to hit your income goals. Can we say, "trading TOO much time for money?"

I know how you feel because these are the same feelings my clients expressed...

Before working with me.

They were over playing it small in their business and wanted to get to the next level, like yesterday!

But after working with me, they began to experience pride in their brand. That pride led to them posting about their business DAILY. Those daily posts turned into the right eyeballs landing on their freshly done website. And from there, my clients were able to activate their expertise and book new clients effortlessly. And at their newly INCREASED rate, might I add.

I love to see it! And if you’re reading this, you probably do too :-).

Now, I absolutely ADORE my clients.
But they’re no unicorns.

You TOO can have the same results I’ve been able to help them achieve.

Increased prices, a website that turns visitors into clients, and the confidence to promote their genius, unapologetically.

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so what makes my studio

I provide A modern approach to branding & design to fit the modern entrepreneur

I design brands and websites for the expert service provider, who--like MOST entrepreneurs, is running low on time, but overflowing in expertise.

I give you the tools you need to look like the expert you are, in a format that fits into your lifestyle, specific needs, and best of all, your calendar, so you can raise your rates and live more LIFE!

I’m Alexis, CEO & Lead Designer behind Lex Creative Studios.
I’m a certified elder millennial, with strong roots in the south but a beating heart for the big city. I’ve played a lot of roles, but these days, I’m calling myself the design industry’s MVC (most versatile creative), lol. 

I’m a self taught designer who’s leveraged careers in Makeup Artistry, Photography, and Creative Direction, to help service based entrepreneurs create purposeful brands that position them to increase their income and widen their influence. 

I’ve worked on big branding campaigns all over the world, and one thing I know for sure is that in order for your business to have REAL impact, you need to showcase not just your professionalism (aka your resume), but also your personality. Tapping into brand strategy, brand identity design, and a high converting website, will position you to highlight your genius, tell your story, and attract your most aligned audience.

You’re the star, I’m just here to help you shine.

my philosophy

Through strategic design, I help small business owners do just that.
Here’s how I do it.

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No matter how we choose
to work together

My methods are the same

I start with strategy, lead with creativity, and weave in a whole lotta personality. Here’s my 3-step process for designing elevated brands and money making websites.

Focused Strategy

Creative Direction

Personality-Rich Designs

I use your brand strategy as the compass for any visuals I create for your brand. This includes things like your brand identity design, photoshoot direction, or branded marketing materials. 

I get to the heart of who you are as a brand, by discovering your brand’s TRUE values, real voice and most authentic style.

I believe branding needs to display the essence of who you are AND still help you turn a profit! What good is a pretty site that doesn’t earn its keep, if you know what I’m saying, lol? I make sure my websites are conversion focused, rich in personality, and easily customizable for you.

Craft a strategy that will communicate who you are and who you want to serve, through stunning visuals and a website that gets you results.

Or, I can do that for you :-) 

Co-Founder, Glass Slipper Vacations


If you’re looking for someone who can take your vision and make it a reality (even if you aren’t sure what that might look like), Alexis is the brand designer for you!

She makes the process so simple, and all of her work is amazing. In fact, the only con is that it’s so hard to choose between the options she provides because they’re all so great.

If you’re nodding your head, yes, I’m waiting for you!

Are you ready for a timeless brand that looks and feels like YOU, so you can make more money, get more free time, and reach more people with your unique gifts and expertise?

My favorite part about my new brand identity is the energy that comes from it. It’s authentic (just like I wanted) and colorful!


Because I don’t have a background in business or branding, it was important for me to work with someone knowledgeable in those areas. Alexis delivered in every way imaginable and prepared me to move forward confidently in my business.

Custom Brand Identity

A Full Day of Design or Strategy

A Money Making Website Template

Here's How We Can Work Together

So...secret’s kinda out! I’m debuting a website template shop VERY soon and couldn’t contain myself. These templates will be perfect for the modern entrepreneur--who doesn’t have 4 months to wait for a website that they need right NOW?

If you want to be one of the first to know about my easy to use website templates that I designed to get you traffic AND sales as a service provider, run, don’t walk to the wait list below!

An intentional experience with me, where you get my full attention on your brand design needs, for a whole day.

That’s right 7 hours to crank out whatever brand materials your business needs. Enjoy the luxury of custom design, minus the wait. 

A 6-week custom brand identity design project. I work to transform your brand identity (logos, colors, fonts, photo direction, etc.) into one that truly reflects you and primes your business for more conversions.




Let's Upgrade Your Brand

You made it THIS far down?

That, my friend, deserves a gift!

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The Brand Audit Workbook You Never Knew You Needed

I put the EXACT 4 quadrants I focus on when auditing clients' brands in this workbook. My auditing sessions begin at $300/hr, and I'm giving this workbook to you for free! Not because I've lost it (although, that's questionable, lol!).

But I made it free because I TRULY believe that if more service providers had clarity on what their brand REALLY needed--they'd see better results from their investments. Gone are the days when we have to wonder where your brand & website are falling short. Download this guide, get the clarity you need, and then hire the RIGHT experts for the RIGHT service to get you there!

A brand design studio for the modern entrepreneur.
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