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The digital economy is here to stay.
If you want to thrive in it, your online presence needs to be

the truth is:

You know your life's big picture vision and you're clear on your REAL mission


You know your life’s mission and the legacy you want to leave on the earth. You also know it goes FAR beyond just services. You have a big vision inside of you with several God-given talents! You want to write books, launch mentoring programs, provide scholarships, and SO much more.

But in order to get that vision and those talents into the world, to impact those who need them, you must elevate your online presence. You have to have a brand that allows you to form those DEEP connections with your peers and target audience, so they can see you as not just an EXPERT at a service, but a true AUTHORITY in an industry.

But how do you do that, exactly?

You're a 6-figure earner, but it's mainly from high-ticket services


You’re an experienced service provider, FOR SURE. I’m talking about you’ve put YEARS into the game! You serve your clients well, you’re known for getting the results, and you easily earn 6-figures from your business.

But in order to hit that 6-figure income, you’ve become accustomed to, you’re consistently wrapped up in client delivery and services work. You have a WEALTH of knowledge about your industry, because you’ve been doing it for so long. But now you’re starting to wonder what it what be like to hit that 6-figures with more ease.

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn the income you’re used to (and MORE) by diversifying your income with thought leadership revenue streams–like speaking, teaching, writing, or even sponsorship deals?

In-person you SHINE bright, but online, your brand is a little dull


As a service provider myself, I understand the struggle of wanting to pour all your energy into your clients. Yet sometimes we end up with very little energy left for maintaining our OWN brands. If you feel like there's hardly ever enough time to get to it all, trust me, I get the struggle!

It's time to put an end to you being a bonafide expert (with the receipts to prove it!) yet and still, you die a little on the inside whenever someone asks for your website link. Yikes!

But how do you take your website to the next level, to stand out outline and truly leave a bigger mark in your industry?

the answer to all of the above?
A Strategically designed website THAT SHOWCASES not just YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS--but also your unique personality

It may sound like a simple solution, but I assure you, it's not! Check this out: 

According to digital marketing firm, Web FX, 89 percent of consumers reported to doing business with a competitor because of a poor user experience.
Your website matters now, more than EVER.


Tell me if I'm right about you...

i know we just met, but...

I help high-ticket service providers double their thought leadership opportunities through the power of a personality-driven website.

I position women just like you for their legacy work. You know, the work that’s bigger than just high-ticket services. The work that helps others see you as a TRUE thought leader, so they invite you to speak, write, or teach, sharing your knowledge with the world. And why shouldn’t they?

You’re multi-faceted, multi-skilled, and multi-awesome (I’m almost positive that’s not a word, lol!). All you need to make this even more clear is a digital "home-base" that showcases all of your genii. I like to think I’m divinely orchestrated to serve women like you because I AM you. I’m a “multi,” as well. I’m not just a web designer, I’m an ex-pro Makeup Artist, a Creative Director, and a Brand Photographer, plus I can probably moonlight as a fashion magazine editor, if I REALLY felt like letting my hair down😉.

I know how it feels to want a brand that doesn’t hide all your secret sauce. A brand that's so authentic, if helps you connect deeply and "find your people." ! want you to know you can have that, and STILL be considered one of your industry's best to ever do it!

After 3 years of testing out frameworks on the incredible women I design for, I’ve created an exceptional process for designing websites. The LC Method is rooted in strategy, supported by intentional photography, and centered around the 1 thing no one can copy–your unique personality. 

If you wanna know more about me, or perhaps get a little bit nosey (no shade, I’m QUITE nosey-just ask my husband, lol!), let me give you a proper introduction below.


Consider me you guide along the way, I'm Alexis Campbell, but

you can call me Lex

I decided to work with Alexis after I saw how diverse her designs were. Many of the branding companies I had researched had 1 look that they used for all their clients (that just didn't fit my style). If you're thinking about working with Alexis, do it!
You won't be sorry!

amanda warfield,
content strategist & podcaster

If you’re looking for someone who can take your vision and make it a reality (even if you aren’t sure what that might look like), Alexis is the designer for you!

I knew that to be able to compete in the coaching space and attract the kind of client I wanted, my brand had to be able to compete. After working with Alexis, it's now CLEAR who I am and who I serve.

 I'm finally attracting my ideal client and feel well positioned as more of a leader in my industry.

"Alexis nailed it!"

"She makes the process so simple, and all of her work is amazing."

amy williams,
interior designer & entrepreneur

barbara m. littles, esq.,
business coach & speaker

"Everyone who has seen my rebrand has made a point to tell me how much they like it - unsolicited."

My Clients Say Things Like

so how do I build websites that make my clients give reviews like those 👆🏽?

My Simple 3-Part Formula Called,  'The LC Method.'

Lastly, I design a new website that reflects your brand in a genuine, high-converting, and irresistible way. We also set up a launch plan that will organically turn visitors into clients, in addition to something even better--loyal members of your community.

Next, we develop a website strategy that lays the foundation for the new website's design, and your preferred customer journey. The strategy infuses your unique stories, professional work, and life experiences to form an online home that speaks DIRECTLY to the audience you want to impact.

First, we get clear on your brand’s true personality, values, and mission. Then we fully produce an intentional photoshoot that communicates ALL of this in a modern and authentic way.

My unique framework for designing websites with strategy and personality.

The LC Method

creative direction

website strategy

design & development

No one should have to experience KNOWING they're an expert, but not having a website in place that shows it.

Let's create a website that matches the level of EXCELLENCE you demonstrate in your work and throughout your business.


Licensed Psychologist and Practice Owner


The rebranding process with Lex Creative has been very meaningful for our business. It allowed us to refocus on our company vision so that it could be visually represented in a way that was authentic and represented our work and who we are as a company.

Since working with Alexis, my company had the highest quarter in services booked, in the company's HISTORY! I recommend her 10 out of 10!

Before working with Lex Creative, I had a business, but did not have a BRAND.

I am definitely booked and busy, which is why right now, I'd just love some guidance. I'd love to get a professional's eye on my website, to show me where to improvements and give some simple strategy ideas to implement. 

I'm pretty tech savvy and can make the necessary adjustments myself, or get someone on my team to do it.

Are You Ready for Your Own Transformation?

I'm an experienced service provider, who's been at this for years. But somehow along the way, I've neglected my website and gotten lost in client delivery. I know my site isn't positioning me for the amazing opportunities I want.
I need the LC Method in my life, like yesterday, so I can get in alignment for my legacy brand--one with diverse income streams and LOTS of time freedom :-).

choose your own next best steP: which one sounds most like you?

I need clarity more
than anything right now

I'm ready for a new website that will position me as a thought leader