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We help multi-passionate, creative entrepreneurs diversity their income & expand their impact.



Alexis nailed it!

I was doing business but knew that proper branding would take my business to another level.
The type of person I wanted to work with would be looking for a premium brand that looked competitive amongst my peers. 

Since working with Lex Creative my Brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in. It is clear of what my business is, who I am and whom I serve. 
With that clarity reflected I'm attracting my ideal client.


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It's time to stop putting off upgrading your brand and neglecting your passions! Long gone are the days that business owners have to lead with 100% professionalism and 0% personality. Consumers want BOTH and you need a brand that's authentic enough for them trust you!

 More than likely you're a seasoned entrepreneur and your business has been profitable for years. Perhaps it's because of this, you've not acted on your instinct that you need to update the way your brand and website are being perceived in the world. You KNOW it's not getting you the results you know it could, but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you've been running several businesses or side hustles and simply wish you could snap your fingers and have them all front and center, in one beautifully designed place? Here's the good news, you CAN!

If either of these scenarios sound all too familiar, get excited! We've partnered with others just like you who were experiencing the exact SAME thing! If you're ready to maximize your brand's authority, presence, and income, we can assist you, through strategic and authentic design.

don't believe the hype, you can absolutely

Turn ALL your passions into an impactful and profitable brand

Creating a brand identity that speaks directly to your target audience is what we do best. So whether we're cultivating your personal brand or giving your website a makeover, we're intentional with design to position your brand for it's next BEST level--whatever that means to you! Here are some of the things we can do for your business:

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What We Can Do For You

personal brand development
brand identity design
e-commerce website design
collateral design
brand consulting

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    Why settle for a basic brand, when you can have an irresistible one?

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    Some Featured Projects

    Wondering what it's like to work with us?

    dr. sarah mcmurtry

    Before Lex Creative I did not feel that my business was actually a brand.
    The rebranding process with Lex Creative has been very meaningful for our business. It allowed us to refocus on our company vision so that it could be visually represented in a way that was authentic and represented our work and who we are as a company.

    barbara m. littles

    Since working with Lex Creative my brand is primed to be the leader in the space that I'm in. It is clear what my business is, who I am, and whom I serve. With that clarity I'm attracting my ideal client, regularly.
    I would definitely recommend Alexis, 10 out of 10!
    She is very talented, professional, organized, a great listener, follows through well, and a joy to work with. It's difficult to find that complete package.

    chelsea smithhart wells

    Having someone like Alexis guide your branding process, guarantees a great product in the end.
    She led me through the process of creating my brand, which was actually just getting to the core of what I wanted to achieve and what was important to me.

    Our team of designers are spread across the country, just like our clientele.
    But our coffee-fueled, 'fearless leader', Alexis, is based in her home-state of Mississippi.

    We're a small studio that gets you big results 

    Hey,That's Me! I'm Alexis

    lex creative founding creative director

    If you're anything like me, you're an ambitious, purpose-driven, creative entrepreneur, trying to juggle several things. You've probably wondered how in the world could you possibly have your hands in SO many pots? I know the struggle.

    I began my work in the world of branding, DEEP in a parallel, but totally different industry. For over a decade I was a professional makeup artist, traveling the world, doing what I loved. I resigned in 2017, at what in retrospect, may have been the peak of my career. I was signed to one of the most innovative agencies in New York City, working on brand campaigns for Donna Karen, Zac Posen, Seventeen Magazine, Warby Parker, Amika, Covergirl, Vogue Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and GAP, to name just a few.

    But I always knew that one day, I'd have my own agency. One that would infuse ALL the things I'd learned in the high profile world of fashion & beauty and help other passionate entrepreneurs through the work of creative direction & visual design. And that's EXACTLY what I get to do today and it's truly a blessing!

    learn how you can work with me

    I partner alongside multi-passionate creative entrepreneurs and help them develop the personal brand of their dreams. If you run multiple  businesses, partake in many entrepreneurial ventures, or possess several titles, a personal brand is needed more than you may realize. It can serve as your "home-base", housing ALL your passions, while simultaneously widening the path for diversifying your income and exploding your impact!

    When my team and I aren't developing personal brands for entrepreneurs, we are busy working on rebrands for small businesses. We specialize in helping companies achieve the most authentic version of their business through modern design & photography. Oftentimes our clients' have been in business for many years and their company has evolved in several ways. This  leaves them needing not just a new brand and website that matches who they are currently, but one that also is appropriate for where they're going. It's our greatest joy to share our secret weapon with the world--and that's the art of "transformation". We'd love to do the same for you!